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The Switch: A Novel


A simple mix up throws an innocent man into the cross-hairs of sinister government secrets and ruthless political ambitions in this timely, electrifying thriller from New York Times bestselling author Joseph Finder. Michael Tanner is on his way home from a business trip when he accidentally picks up the wrong MacBook in an airport security line. He doesn’t notice the mix-up … Read More

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The One & Only: A Novel

by Emily Giffin  

#1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • The beloved author of Something Borrowed and Where We Belong returns with an extraordinary story of love and loyalty—and an unconventional heroine struggling to reconcile both. This ebook edition contains an excerpt from Emily Giffin’s First Comes Love. Emily Giffin, the beloved author of such novels as Something Borrowed and Where We Belong, returns with an extraordinary story of love and loyalty—and … Read More

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Lorna Doone: A Romance of Exmoor

by R. D. Blackmore  

“Lorna Doone: A Romance of Exmoor” by R. D. Blackmore John Ridd is the son of a respectable farmer in 17th century Exmoor, a region in North Devon and Somerset, England. The notorious Doone clan, once nobles and now outlaws, murdered John’s father. Battling his desire for revenge, John too grows into a respectable farmer who cares well for his … Read More

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The Crusader’s Bride: A Medieval Romance (The Champions of Saint Euphemia Book 1)

by Claire Delacroix  

Gaston battled for duty and honor—until Ysmaine tempted him to fight for her love…
 When the Templar knight Gaston unexpectedly inherits his family estate, he knows he needs a wife and heir. A marriage of convenience to a widow in need of assistance is a practical solution and the newly-wed pair leave Jerusalem, entrusted with the delivery of a package … Read More

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End Of Time

by Charae Lewis  

Some wounds never surface on the body. Instead, they’re rooted in the minds of individuals who’ve survived the most traumatic experiences. Worth, Omir, and Ju endured a troublesome upbringing. What’s normal behavior to most people, is foreign to them. Now that they’re entering into manhood, they are forced to navigate through life while carrying the burden of being damaged. Three … Read More

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Shattered Rainbows (Fallen Angels Book 5)

by Mary Jo Putney  

Broken Dreams and Second Chances… Honed by danger and haunted by the past, Lord Michael Kenyon finds it easy to risk his life for his country’s sake. But in the shadow of Waterloo, he faces a far more dangerous threat—the loss of his heart to the beautiful battlefield nurse who saves his life, yet can never be his. Called a … Read More

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Eleven: An absolutely heart-pounding and chilling serial killer thriller (Brandon Fisher FBI Series Book 1)

by Carolyn Arnold  

“Silence of the Lambs, move over. Eleven is an absolutely stunning performance.” – Goodreads reviewer, ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ In this international bestseller, rookie FBI Agent Brandon Fisher takes on his first case with the Behavioral Analysis Unit, but will he survive long enough to catch the killer? Eleven is a fast-paced, spine-tingling thriller that will have you gasping for breath at every … Read More

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Scaramouche: A Romance of the French Revolution

by Rafael Sabatini  

‘Scaramouche’ is a historical novel by Rafael Sabatini. A romantic adventure, Scaramouche tells the story of a young lawyer during the French Revolution. In the course of his adventures, he becomes an actor portraying Scaramouche (a roguish buffoon character in the commedia dell’arte). He also becomes a revolutionary, politician, and fencing-master, confounding his enemies with his powerful orations and swordsmanship. … Read More

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Twice Upon A Train (Dallin Book 1)

by K.A. Moll  

BOOK #1 IN THE DALLIN SERIES Dr. Keegan Wade is a highly successful trauma surgeon in New York City, but her career has left her feeling empty and anxious. In need of a break, she embarks on a journey across the country on a restored steam train. Along the way, she reunites with Willow Lord, a recent college graduate struggling … Read More

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True Crime Case Histories – (Books 1, 2 & 3): 32 Disturbing True Crime Stories (3 Book True Crime Collection)

by Jason Neal  

32 Twisted True Crime Stories of Murder & Mayhem Readers love this series – More than 7,000 five-star ratings on Amazon and Goodreads. 3 Book Collection – First Three Books of the True Crime Case Histories Series (2019) A quick word of warning. The true crime short stories within this three-book collection are unimaginably gruesome. I start all of my … Read More

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Maid without Honor: An Age Gap, Best Friend’s Dad, Billionaire Romance (Forbidden Promises)

by Sofia T Summers  

It isn’t that hard to be a good maid of honor. Always support your bride-to-be, co-host a gorgeous bridal shower, And never ever sleep with the father of your bride. In my defense, I didn’t know who he truly was when we met. My best friend’s father was more like a myth or a legend, Yet the silver-haired fox I … Read More

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The Children of Men

by P. D. James  

Told with P. D. James’s trademark suspense, insightful characterization, and riveting storytelling, The Children of Men is a story of a world with no children and no future. The human race has become infertile, and the last generation to be born is now adult. Civilization itself is crumbling as suicide and despair become commonplace. Oxford historian Theodore Faron, apathetic toward … Read More

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High Output Management

by Andrew S. Grove  

In this legendary business book and Silicon Valley staple, the former chairman and CEO of Intel shares his perspective on how to build and run a company. A practical handbook for navigating real-life business scenarios and a powerful management manifesto with the ability to revolutionize the way we work.  The essential skill of creating and maintaining new businesses—the art of the … Read More

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This Is Where It Ends

by Marieke Nijkamp  

The #1 New York Times Bestseller! Everyone has a reason to fear the boy with the gun. 10:00 a.m. The principal of Opportunity, Alabama’s high school finishes her speech, welcoming the entire student body to a new semester and encouraging them to excel and achieve. 10:02 a.m. The students get up to leave the auditorium for their next class. 10:03 … Read More

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The Age of Witches: A Novel

by Louisa Morgan  

In Gilded Age New York, a centuries-long clash between two magical families ignites when a young witch must choose between love and loyalty, power and ambition, in this magical novel by Louisa Morgan. In 1692, Bridget Bishop was hanged as a witch. Two hundred years later, her legacy lives on in the scions of two very different lines: one dedicated to … Read More

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Too Good to Be True: A Novel

by Carola Lovering  

ONE LOVE STORY. TWO MARRIAGES. THREE VERSIONS OF THE TRUTH. Too Good to Be True is an obsessive, addictive love story for fans of Lisa Jewell and The Wife Upstairs, from Carola Lovering, the beloved author of Tell Me Lies. Skye Starling is overjoyed when her boyfriend, Burke Michaels, proposes after a whirlwind courtship. Though Skye seems to have the … Read More

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by Julia Alvarez  

A Time Magazine Must-Read Book of 2020 A Most-Anticipated Book of the Year: O, The Oprah Magazine * The New York Times * The Washington Post *Vogue * Bustle * BuzzFeed * Ms. magazine * The Millions * Huffington Post * PopSugar * The Lily * Goodreads * Library Journal * LitHub * Electric Literature The first adult novel in almost fifteen … Read More

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Poor Economics: A Radical Rethinking of the Way to Fight Global Poverty

by Abhijit V. Banerjee  

The winners of the Nobel Prize in Economics upend the most common assumptions about how economics works in this gripping and disruptive portrait of how poor people actually live. Why do the poor borrow to save? Why do they miss out on free life-saving immunizations, but pay for unnecessary drugs? In Poor Economics, Abhijit V. Banerjee and Esther Duflo, two … Read More

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Snowed In for Christmas: A Novel

by Sarah Morgan  

“Morgan is a masterful storyteller…. For fans of Jojo Moyes, Taylor Jenkins Reid, and Stacey Ballis. —Booklist  What happens if the only Christmas celebration you want to attend is one you haven’t been invited to? USA Today bestselling author Sarah Morgan delights with this hilarious and heartwarming Christmas cracker of a novel! A family gathering This Christmas the Miller siblings … Read More

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Winter’s Bone: A Novel

by Daniel Woodrell  

Daniel Woodrell’s modern classic is an unforgettable tale of desperation and courage that inspired the award-winning film starring Jennifer Lawrence.  Ree Dolly’s father has skipped bail on charges that he ran a crystal meth lab, and the Dollys will lose their house if he doesn’t show up for his next court date. With two young brothers depending on her, 16-year-old … Read More

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The Girl Who Fell from the Sky

by Heidi W. Durrow  

“The Girl Who Fell from the Sky can actually fly.” —The New York Times Book Review   Rachel, the daughter of a Danish mother and a black G.I., becomes the sole survivor of a family tragedy after a fateful morning on their Chicago rooftop. Forced to move to a new city, with her strict African American grandmother as her guardian, Rachel … Read More

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Gone: An FBI Profiler Novel

by Lisa Gardner  

From the bestselling author of Alone and The Killing Hour comes a thriller that goes from heartbreaking to heartstopping in the blink of an eye.… When someone you love vanishes without a trace, how far would you go to get them back? For ex-FBI profiler Pierce Quincy, it’s the beginning of his worst nightmare: a car abandoned on a desolate stretch of … Read More

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by Harlan Coben  

The bestselling author and creator of the hit Netflix drama The Stranger delivers a twisted #1 New York Times bestseller about a man who—with the best of intentions—opens the wrong door… Reporter Wendy Tynes is making a name for herself, bringing down sexual offenders on nationally televised sting operations. But when social worker Dan Mercer walks into her trap, Wendy … Read More

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Lockwood & Co.: The Screaming Staircase

by Jonathan Stroud  

*NOW A NETFLIX SERIES* Dive into the first book of this frightfully fun series and join the ghost-hunting gang as they defend our world from the most fearsome phantoms! A sinister Problem has occurred in London: all nature of ghosts, haunts, spirits, and specters are appearing throughout the city, and they aren’t exactly friendly. Only young people have the psychic … Read More

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The 6:20 Man: A Thriller

by David Baldacci  

A cryptic murder pulls a former soldier turned financial analyst deep into the corruption and menace that prowl beneath the opulent world of finance, in this #1 New York Times bestselling thriller from David Baldacci. Every day without fail, Travis Devine puts on a cheap suit, grabs his faux-leather briefcase, and boards the 6:20 commuter train to Manhattan, where he … Read More

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