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The Jetsetters: A Novel

by Amanda Eyre Ward  

NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • Reese’s Book Club x Hello Sunshine Book Pick • Named One of the Best Beach Reads of 2020 by Parade, O: The Oprah Magazine, and Good Housekeeping “The exuberant activity aboard the Splendido Marveloso is no match for the fireworks set off as the lies explode. Full of wicked humor and delicious destination details.”—People (Book … Read More

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Hard Times

by Charles Dickens  

Like most of Charles Dickens' other works, HARD TIMES is a social commentary on mid-19th century England. Set in the fictional English industrial city of Coketown, HARD TIMES examines the lives of workers during England's industrial revolution who endure horrific working conditions and dangers as they struggle to survive and provide for their families.

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Devil You Know (Butcher Boys Book 1)

by Max Henry  

I should never have jumped that fence, and I most definitely should never have kissed her. Living on the streets, I made some hard decisions to stay alive. I signed a contract with the devil, and because of that, I choose to live alone. But after listening to my neighbors fight every night for years, it’s finally gotten to me. … Read More

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When He’s Dark (The Olympus Pride Series Book 1)

by Suzanne Wright  

Cat shifter Bree Dwyer doesn’t fear much. Ironically, what she fears most is the person who was put on the Earth just for her. Your true mate wasn’t supposed to be cruel and twisted; wasn’t supposed to be someone who’d never love or want to claim you. The rumors that her true mate is dead bring her only relief. Bree’s … Read More

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Build a Business, Not a Job: Grow Your Business & Get Your Life Back

by David Finkel  

Build an Owner-Independent Company and Get Your Life Back! According to the Wells Fargo/Gallup Small Business Index, the average small business owner works 52 hours a week, with more than 20 percent working seven days a week. The U.S. Census Bureau says 88.6 percent of all U.S.-based companies still require the owner to be there as the primary person responsible … Read More

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Night Goblins: A Memoir

by JT Gregory  

‘Someone Please Come Adopt This A**hole!’ So begins the 2016 Craigslist ad that introduced the internet to The Ditch Kitty, a maniacal orange kitten saved from a roadside ditch only to turn his rescuer’s life into a living hell. The post went viral. And the internet fell in love with the tiny, orange monster. But it would have been impossible … Read More

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Shield-Maiden: A Viking Romance

by Wendy Dalrymple  

"I adored this short little novella! I haven’t actually read any Viking fiction before so I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed it—though how could I not with such beautiful prose and plot? The characters were absolutely perfect, with an empowering shield-maiden developing an enemies to lovers relationship with a tough Viking turned soft wildflower-picker (so SOFT!!) … … Read More

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Daughter of Dust (Book of the Huntress 1)

by Joshua David Bellin  

Michelle Simmons watched the eerie yellow fire consume the countryside on her seventeenth birthday. Cut off from home, she’s lost in the desolation that remains. When Michelle is discovered by other survivors under the command of Jason, a ruthless leader with a mysterious past, she fears she may never be freed to search for her missing family. And when a … Read More

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THE YEAR OF THE FROG: A Tattletale Fairytale

by Juls Amor  

Dig into the mind of a middle-aged woman trying desperately to fit into a society chained with churches, consumerism for prosperity and the idea of coupledom to feel complete. Something snapped and Juls sold everything including her successful private practice to run away alone and focus on her own healing. “THE YEAR OF THE FROG” candidly portrays the struggle she … Read More

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Lady Susan

by Jane Austen  

Beautiful, flirtatious, and recently widowed, Lady Susan Vernon seeks an advantageous second marriage for herself, while attempting to push her daughter into a dismal match. A magnificently crafted novel of Regency manners and mores that will delight Austen enthusiasts with its wit and elegant expression.

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The Ryn (Eyes of E’veria Book 1)

by Serena Chase  

DESTINED by prophecy. GUARDED by deception. PURSUED by Love. Centuries ago, an oracle foretold of the young woman who would defeat E’veria’s most ancient enemy, the Cobelds. But after two centuries of relative peace, both the prophecy and the Cobelds have been relegated to lore—and only a few remain watchful for the promised Ryn. Finally, a child is born who … Read More

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Victim Six (A Waterman & Stark Thriller Book 1)

by Gregg Olsen  

“A bloody thriller with a nonstop, page-turning pace” from the #1 New York Times bestselling author of Water’s Edge (The Oregonian).  “Wickedly clever! Genuinely twisted.” —Lisa Gardner  “Olsen will have you on the edge of your seat.” —Lee Child   The bodies are found in towns and cities around Puget Sound. The young women who are the victims had nothing … Read More

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The Night Before (Savannah Book 1)

by Lisa Jackson  

A southern woman is tormented by murders she herself might be committing in this psychological thriller by the #1 New York Times bestselling author. In the dark shadows of a sultry southern town, a serial killer strikes. It's an act of sinister precision that has happened many times before—because every victim is an offering to a hunger that can never … Read More

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by Arthur Hailey  

The #1 New York Times–bestselling thriller about an airport thrust into chaos by a whiteout blizzard: “A spellbinder” (The Denver Post). As a raging blizzard wreaks havoc at Lincoln International Airport outside Chicago, airport and airline personnel try to cope with this unstoppable force of nature that is endangering thousands of lives. And in the air, a lone plane struggles … Read More

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The Power and the Glory

by Graham Greene  

This prize-winning novel of a fugitive priest in Mexico is quite simply “Graham Greene’s masterpiece” (John Updike, The New York Review of Books).   In the Mexican state of Tabasco in the 1930s, all vestiges of Catholicism are being outlawed by the government. As churches are razed, icons are banned, and the price of devotion is execution, an unnamed member … Read More

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The Last Secret of the Temple

by Paul Sussman  

An ancient secret threatens to unleash a modern war in this international-bestselling “thriller on par with the best literature out there” (James Rollins).   Jerusalem, 70 AD: As the invading Romans destroy the Holy Temple, a young Jewish boy is hidden away—chosen as the guardian of a great secret. And for seventy generations, the secret is kept safe . . .    But … Read More

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The Burglar: A Novel

by Thomas Perry  

A cunning thief is on the run for her life in a breakneck thriller from the New York Times–bestselling “master of nail-biting suspense” (Los Angeles Times).   Elle Stowell is a young woman with an unconventional profession: burglary. But Elle is no petty thief—with just the right combination of smarts, looks, and skills, she can easily stroll through ritzy Bel … Read More

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The Third Policeman: A Novel

by Flann O'Brien  

One man wants to publish, so another must perish, in this darkly witty philosophical novel by “a spectacularly gifted comic writer” (Newsweek).  The Third Policeman follows a narrator who is obsessed with the work of a scientist and philosopher named de Selby (who believes that Earth is not round but sausage-shaped)—and has finally completed what he believes is the definitive text … Read More

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The Mirror

by Marlys Millhiser  

In this twisting time-travel thriller, a woman faints on the eve of her wedding—and awakens at the turn of the century in her grandmother’s body . . .   The night before she is supposed to get married, Shay Garrett has no idea that a glimpse into her grandmother’s antique Chinese mirror will completely transform her seemingly ordinary life. But after a … Read More

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Life and Death in Shanghai

by Nien Cheng  

The national bestselling memoir of a woman’s resistance and struggles in Communist China—“an absorbing story of resourcefulness and courage” (The New York Times).   A NEW YORK TIMES BEST BOOK OF THE YEAR   In August 1966, a group of Red Guards ransacked the home of Nien Cheng. Her background made her an obvious target for the fanatics of the … Read More

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The Bastard (The Kent Family Chronicles Book 1)

by John Jakes  

The first volume in the addictive saga of the American Revolution by the #1 New York Times–bestselling author of the North and South trilogy.   Meet Phillipe Charboneau: the illegitimate son and unrecognized heir of the Duke of Kentland. Upon the Duke’s death, Phillipe is denied his birthright and left to build a life of his own. Seeking all that the … Read More

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Alif the Unseen: A Novel

by G. Willow Wilson  

“[A] Harry Potter-ish action-adventure romance” set during the Arab Spring, from the New York Times–bestselling author of the Ms. Marvel comic book series (The New York Times).   In an unnamed Middle Eastern security state, a young Arab-Indian hacker, who goes by Alif, shields his clients—dissidents, outlaws, revolutionaries, and other watched groups—from surveillance, and tries to stay out of trouble. … Read More

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First Things First

by Stephen R. Covey  

#1 New York Times Best Seller! First Things First is the gold standard for time management books Time management tips: Stephen R. Covey’s First Things First is the gold standard for time management books. His principle-centered approach for prioritizing gives you time management tips that enable you to make changes and sacrifices needed in order to obtain happiness, and retain a feeling of security. First … Read More

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