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The Dante Connection (Book 2) (Genevieve Lenard)

by Estelle Ryan  

Art theft. Coded messages. A high-level threat. Despite her initial disbelief, Doctor Genevieve Lenard discovers that she is the key that connects stolen works of art, ciphers and sinister threats. Betrayed by the people who called themselves her friends, Genevieve throws herself into her insurance investigation job with autistic single-mindedness. When hacker Francine appears beaten and bloodied on her doorstep, … Read More

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The House on Tradd Street

by Karen White  

The brilliant, chilling debut of Karen White's New York Times bestselling Tradd Street series, featuring a Charleston real estate agent who loves old houses—and the secret histories inside them. Practical Melanie Middleton hates to admit she can see ghosts. But she's going to have to accept it. An old man she recently met has died, leaving her his historic Tradd … Read More

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Alphabet Soup: Horror Stories for the Tormented Soul (Haunted Library)

by Tobias Wade  

Thriller, horror, and suspense short stories.  Multiple Award-Winning authors.  A is for Addiction…B is for Barnacles…C is for Clairvoyance… Discover the rest of these original horror stories from around the world. Each author chose a letter of the alphabet and was given complete artistic freedom to make something horrible happen. Some stories will be mysterious, others creepy or even profound, … Read More

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Python Programming for Beginners: An Introduction to the Python Computer Language and Computer Programming (Python, Python 3, Python Tutorial)

by Jason Cannon  

Learn Python the Easy Way, Complete with Examples and Exercises Knowing where to start when learning a new skill can be a challenge, especially when the topic seems so vast. There can be so much information available that you can’t even decide where to start. Or worse, you start down the path of learning and quickly discover too many concepts, … Read More

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by Lawrence De Maria  

FORCED TO CHOOSE BETWEEN THE WOMAN HE LOVES AND JUSTICE FOR HIS CLIENT, A PRIVATE EYE FINDS ONLY TRAGEDY!***"A GREAT READ, WITH A SHOCKING ENDING." (Janet Evanovich)***Bodies pile up from coast to coast as Jake Scarne probes a reporter’s grisly death. Uncovering a web of murder, sex, fraud and political corruption, he makes the mistake of falling in love with … Read More

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Last Plane Out of Saigon

by Richard Pena  

LAST PLANE OUT OF SAIGON is a faithful reproduction of the journal of a draftee working in the operating room of Vietnam’s largest military hospital during the final year of the war. Supporting historical and political context is provided by award-winning scholar, John Hagan. Richard Pena’s entries were written in real time and, as they chronicle the last desperate year … Read More

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Yoga: The Top 100 Best Yoga Poses: Relieve Stress, Increase Flexibility, and Gain Strength (Yoga Postures Poses Exercises Techniques and Guide For Healing … Strengthening and Stress Relief Book 1)

by Susan Hollister  

Do you feel sluggish, mentally exhausted, or disconnected from life?Whether you want to (1) increase your strength and flexibility (2) relieve pain and prevent injury, or (3) reduce stress and become happier, then keep reading to discover how to easily do this with the best yoga positions of all time! Enjoy beautiful pictures of all the major yoga poses.Yoga is … Read More

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Ten Days in a Mad-House

by Nellie Bly (Elizabeth Jane Cochrane Seaman)  

Ten Days in a Madhouse is Nellie Bly’s (Elizabeth Jane Cochrane Seaman) account of her ten days in a madhouse in New York in 1887. Bly, in an act of stunt journalism that wold make her famous, pretended to be mildly insane so she would be sent to an asylum to see first hand what one was like. To begin … Read More

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Never Mind the Balkans, Here’s Romania: Close your guidebook and meet the people!

by Mike Ormsby  

‘Never Mind the Balkans, Here’s Romania’ has been described as one ofthe best guide books on Romania. If you want to discover Romania withsomeone who knows it well, Mike Ormsby’s travel writing is for you. Whilst the average Romania travel guide provides details of places tovisit, this writer takes a different approach. Ormsby gets up closeand personal, blending journalistic objectivity … Read More

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Colton (Wild Men Book 1)

by Melissa Belle  

A second chance romance in the sexy and engaging Wild Men Series by USA Today bestselling author Melissa Belle. She never thought she’d see him again… Sky Colton Wild isn’t just the famous football player everyone sees on their television screen. I met Colton one summer vacation when we lined up on opposite sides of a flag football field. He … Read More

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Mercy’s Prince (He Who Finds Mercy Book 1)

by Katy Huth Jones  

As second son of the King of Levathia, seventeen-year-old Valerian desires the quiet life of a scholarly monk. But when he fails to save his older brother in battle, Valerian must instead become crown prince. While a traitorous knight schemes against him, Valerian meets Mercy, a pacifist Healer with whom he can speak mind-to-mind like the great dragons. Their bond … Read More

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by Denise Parton  

When Averie agrees to sit in as the fourteenth guest at an exclusive dinner party to rescue the other attendees from bad luck, it’s her who needs rescuing when all hell begins to break loose. Averie Cooke has never set foot on the old Faulkner plantation. She refuses because of the macabre history surrounding it, and the fact everyone says … Read More

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Moon Underfoot (A Jake Crosby Thriller Book 2)

by Bobby Cole  

Eighteen months ago, stockbroker Jake Crosby and his daughter Katy narrowly survived a living nightmare at a remote Alabama hunting camp. To save Katy, Jake killed two men—men who were friends and business associates of notorious outlaw and drug-runner Ethan “Moon Pie” Daniels. That night, Moon Pie made a blood promise of revenge. And in Moon Pie’s dark world of … Read More

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Bite Me, Your Grace (Scandals with Bite Book 1)

by Brooklyn Ann  

"Readers who crave both a classic Regency and a shadowy paranormal will sink their teeth into Ann's tale, with its engaging characters and light touches."–RT Book ReviewsFirst in a witty, sexy paranormal Regency romance series, England's "vampire craze" is causing much vexation for the Lord Vampire of London, Ian Ashton. To save his reputation, Ian enlists aspiring authoress Angelica Winthrop, … Read More

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The Third Coincidence (Jack McCall Mystery Book 1)

by David Bishop  

Headlines scream across the nation as a country in near panic pleads for the capture of the killers. With little progress, U.S. President Samuel Schroeder asks Jack McCall, a veteran of the CIA and Defense Intelligence, to head up a special multi-agency task force to find the killers. A frustrated and unhappy FBI designates, as its representative, Rachel Johnstone, an … Read More

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Where We Fall: A Novel

by Rochelle B. Weinstein  

By all accounts, Abby Holden has it all. She’s the mother of a beautiful teenager and the wife of a beloved high school football coach. And all it took to achieve her charmed life was her greatest act of betrayal. Coach Ryan can coax his team to victory, but he can’t seem to make his wife, Abby, happy. Her struggles … Read More

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King City

by Lee Goldberg  

#1 New York Times Bestselling Author Major Crimes Unit detective Tom Wade secretly worked with the Feds to nail seven of his fellow cops for corruption…turning him into a pariah in the police department. So he's exiled to patrol a beat in King City's deadliest neighborhood… with no back-up, no resources, and no hope of survival. Now Wade fights to … Read More

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Murder by the Book (A Beyond the Page Bookstore Mystery 1)

by Lauren Elliott  

Addie Greyborne loved working with rare books at the Boston Public Library—she even got to play detective, tracking down clues about mysterious old volumes. But she didn’t expect her sleuthing skills to come in so handy in a little seaside town . . . Addie left some painful memories behind in the big city, including the unsolved murder of her fiancé … Read More

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Silver Road (The Shifting Tides Book 2)

by James Maxwell  

Chloe’s quest to escape the Oracle’s prophecy leads her to a magus with a secret: the eldren are not the only race to use magic in warfare. An ancient power is rediscovered, and a forgotten people will return. Meanwhile, cursed by his birth, Dion tries to forge a new life at sea, away from both the eldren and his former … Read More

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Girl Last Seen: A gripping psychological thriller with a shocking twist

by Nina Laurin  

An intense psychological thriller for readers of I Am Watching You, The Luckiest Girl Alive, and All the Missing Girls. Two missing girls. Thirteen years apart. Olivia Shaw has been missing since last Tuesday. She was last seen outside the entrance of her elementary school in Hunts Point wearing a white spring jacket, blue jeans, and pink boots. I force … Read More

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Now, Then, and Everywhen (Chronos Origins Book 1)

by Rysa Walker  

From the bestselling author of the Chronos series comes a page-turning novel of time travel, fast-paced action, and history-changing events. When two time-traveling historians cross paths during one of the most tumultuous decades of the twentieth century, history goes helter-skelter. But which one broke the timeline? In 2136 Madison Grace uncovers a key to the origins of CHRONOS, a time-travel … Read More

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by Jayne Ann Krentz  

A man's quest to find answers for those who are haunted by the past leads him deeper into the shadows in this electrifying New York Times bestseller from the author of Promise Not to Tell. Quinton Zane is back. Jack Lancaster, consultant to the FBI, has always been drawn to the coldest of cold cases, the kind that law enforcement … Read More

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How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth: Fourth Edition

by Gordon D. Fee  

Get the most out of your Bible. Understanding the Bible isn’t for the few, the gifted, the scholarly. The Bible is accessible. It’s meant to be read and comprehended by everyone from armchair readers to seminary students. A few essential insights into the Bible can clear up a lot of misconceptions and help you grasp the meaning of Scripture and … Read More

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A Study In Scarlet Women (The Lady Sherlock Series Book 1)

by Sherry Thomas  

USA Today bestselling author Sherry Thomas turns the story of the renowned Sherlock Holmes upside down in the first novel in this Victorian mystery series….   With her inquisitive mind, Charlotte Holmes has never felt comfortable with the demureness expected of the fairer sex in upper class society. But even she never thought that she would become a social pariah, … Read More

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Facing Your Giants: God Still Does the Impossible

by Max Lucado  

How long has your Goliath dominated your days and pilfered your peace? Like David, you know well the presence of Goliath. Your Goliath doesn’t carry a sword or shield; he brandishes blades of unemployment, abandonment, or depression. Your giant doesn’t parade up and down ancient hills; he prances through your office, your bedroom, your classroom. He brings bills you can’t … Read More

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Hidden Figures Young Readers’ Edition

by Margot Lee Shetterly  

The uplifting, amazing true story—a New York Times bestseller! This edition of Margot Lee Shetterly’s acclaimed book is perfect for young readers. It's the powerful story of four African-American female mathematicians at NASA who helped achieve some of the greatest moments in our space program.  Before John Glenn orbited the earth, or Neil Armstrong walked on the moon, a group … Read More

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