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Song of Kali

by Dan Simmons  

The World Fantasy Award winner by the author of the Hyperion Cantos and Carrion Comfort: An American finds himself encircled by horrors in Calcutta.   Praised by Dean Koontz as “the best novel in the genre I can remember,” Song of Kali follows an American magazine editor who journeys to the brutally bleak, poverty-stricken Indian city in search of a … Read More

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Rocky Mountain Heat (Six Pack Ranch Book 1)

by Vivian Arend  

New York Times Bestselling Author Vivian Arend​ brings you the first STAND ALONE book in the bestselling SIX PACK RANCH series. ————-Sometimes love is right there for the taking. Responsible oldest of six brothers, Blake Coleman knows his desire for the sweet girl-next-door is wrong. While Jaxi has grown into a western-hat-wearing blonde with slim legs that go on forever, … Read More

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Reckless (Shattered Sisters Book 1)

by Maggie Shayne  

"Page-turning thrills!" ~#1 NY Times Bestselling Author Karen Robards True Crime Writer Toni Rio follows a wise guy straight to his execution in a dirty alley. His two killers see her and she runs, but she doesn’t get far. Nick Manelli has two goals: keep his cover intact and keep the sexy witness alive. There’s only one way he can … Read More

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Blind Seduction: Team Red, Book 1

by T. Hammond  

An accident changed Teresa March’s life. Within a heartbeat, she lost her sight and her independence. Her scars are still healing when life takes a turn for the better and she receives Red, a companion German shepherd, from her friend Janey. Red is a typical dog…well, except for the whole talking-in-Teresa’s-head thing. They develop a bond, forged with humor, love, … Read More

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Noelle’s Golden Christmas (Holiday, Inc. Christian Romance Book 1)

by Tamie Dearen  

This Christmas, Noelle Holiday is getting a special surprise, and he’s way too big to fit in her stocking!December isn’t filled with the magic and joy for Noelle, just the looming dread she’s about to lose something else dear to her. Will she ever be rid of her Christmas curse? When she adopts an injured shelter dog, she discovers the … Read More

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Savage Bite (Savage Shifters Book 1)

by Milly Taiden  

Zuri Primrose hasn’t been on a date since her divorce over a year ago. About to turn the big 4-0, she’s living the life of a hermit without any sex. Her mother isn’t going to let her daughter stay single for long. She’s gotten Zuri an invite to a shifter ball where she hopes Zuri will find the man who’s … Read More

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Operation Tropical Affair: A seat-of-your-pants, wildlife crime-fighting adventure in steamy Costa Rica (Poppy McVie Mysteries Book 1)

by Kimberli A. Bindschatel  

A ruthless Costa Rican smuggling ring… …Earth’s rarest animals traded on the black market. One woman is ready to blow it wide open. Special Agent Poppy McVie’s passion is wildlife, and the sight of beautiful creatures suffering in stifling crates pushes her to the brink. She and her special ops team have the means to stop those behind the atrocity … Read More

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No Place to Die (Murder in the Keys—Book #1)

by Jaden Skye  

“In NO PLACE TO DIE, Jaden Skye creates a set of characters that are very well developed, and makes you cheer for our heroine on every page. The environment and the overall description of scenes are superb, making you feel the suspense in the air the whole time. Jaden Skye is a natural story teller and the plot is intelligent … Read More

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A Christmas Homecoming (Bar V5 Ranch)

by Melissa McClone  

A kiss is just a kiss… Unless it's under the mistletoe. Ellie Smith is determined to make up for Christmases past by spreading holiday cheer throughout the Bar V5 dude ranch, but tech "bah, humbug" billionaire, Josiah Whittaker, refuses to bask in the spirit of the season. Unwilling to let the geek-to-gorgeous Josiah win, Ellie plans to give him a … Read More

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Bellingwood Boxed Set: Books 1-3

by Diane Greenwood Muir  

Get the first three books in the Bellingwood series in one volume! All Roads Leads Home: Polly Giller returns to small-town Iowa from Boston ready to start a new life. She is renovating an old school building and while getting to know new friends, two sets of bones fall out of the ceiling. Don’t miss this heartwarming first story in … Read More

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Abducting Abby (Dragon Lords of Valdier Book 1)

by S.E. Smith  

The beginning of an epic saga! Discover new worlds, clashes of cultures, schemes of power, revenge, rescues, and above all, hope…. Abby Tanner was content to live on her mountain creating works of art and enjoying the peace and quiet until a golden space ship crash lands with the King of the Valdier inside, desperately hurt. Zoran Reykill knew he … Read More

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All That’s Left to Hold Onto

by Ella Fox  

When Ronan Sharpe unexpectedly left Colorado for parts unknown, he took a piece of Keely Carmichael’s heart with him. After leaving his hellish roots behind him, Ronan found contentment when he started over. Thoughts of the past had been pushed down for so long; he hardly thought about it at all. He intended to keep it that way. When unexpected … Read More

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Wedded to War (Heroines Behind the Lines Book 1)

by Jocelyn Green  

*2013 Christy Award Finalist (Historical Fiction and First Novel categories)It’s April 1861, and the Union Army’s Medical Department is a disaster, completely unprepared for the magnitude of war. A small group of New York City women, including 28-year-old Charlotte Waverly, decide to do something about it, and end up changing the course of the war, despite criticism, ridicule and social … Read More

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Caroline (Rakes & Rebels: The Beauvisage Family Book 2)

by Cynthia Wright  

"Cynthia Wright magically entwines passion and history." ~ RT Book ReviewsIn 1783, the Revolutionary War is finally over, and Major Alexandre Beauvisage is making his way home, anticipating the pleasures of his former life as a confirmed rake.   However, while riding through the Connecticut woods, Alec comes upon a boy lying unconscious in the autumn leaves…and closer inspection reveals that … Read More

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Silent Winter

by Maggie James  

No sound. No light. No hope. On an icy November night, Drew Blackmore is beaten unconscious, then abducted.  He awakes to find himself in total darkness, naked and chained to the floor.  Fed just enough to keep him alive, Drew is unable to identify his captor, or the reason for his incarceration. As reality fades, hallucinations take over. Can Drew … Read More

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Adrian’s Eagles (Life After War Book 2)

by Angela White  

Post-Apocalyptic Survival Three months after the nuclear war that turned America into an apocalyptic wasteland, Safe Haven has made it from California to South Dakota. Adrian now has six of the seven gifted people sent to ensure the survival of their country. However, not everyone can handle Adrian’s version of safety—including some of his closest people. This apocalypse book includesDeleted … Read More

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Daisies in the Canyon

by Carolyn Brown  

She’s here to claim her birthright…Ex-army sergeant Abby Malloy feels no loss after the father she never knew passes away. Still, part of Ezra Malloy’s ranch belongs to her, and if the stubborn blonde has to live there for a year with two half-sisters who are strangers to her, so be it. Nothing could stand in the way of her … Read More

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Overthrow: America’s Century of Regime Change from Hawaii to Iraq

by Stephen Kinzer  

A fast-paced narrative history of the coups, revolutions, and invasions by which the United States has toppled fourteen foreign governments — not always to its own benefit "Regime change" did not begin with the administration of George W. Bush, but has been an integral part of U.S. foreign policy for more than one hundred years. Starting with the overthrow of … Read More

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Defending Allye (Mountain Mercenaries Book 1)

by Susan Stoker  

Love is a life-and-death risk for the Mountain Mercenaries in New York Times bestselling author Susan Stoker’s explosive series of alpha heroes, hot action, and hard passion… Ever since his rescue op off the Pacific Coast, Mountain Mercenary Gray Rogers hasn’t been able to forget his latest “job”—Allye Martin. Any other woman would have panicked during a rescue, but the … Read More

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Dirty Exes (Liars, Inc. Book 1)

by Rachel Van Dyken  

They’re serving up some red-hot revenge. A sizzling series from #1 New York Times bestselling author Rachel van Dyken. Blaire has never quite gotten over Jessie Beckett, the ex–NFL star whose kisses were hot enough to ignite the entire Eastern Seaboard. When he chose work over her, Blaire was left brokenhearted. Why else would she have married a skeezy two-timer, … Read More

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The Matheny Manifesto: A Young Manager’s Old-School Views on Success in Sports and Life

by Mike Matheny  

St. Louis Cardinals manager Mike Matheny’s New York Times bestselling manifesto about what parents, coaches, and athletes get wrong about sports; what we can do better; and how sports can teach eight keys to success in sports and life. Mike Matheny was just forty-one, without professional managerial experience and looking for a next step after a successful career as a Major … Read More

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Victims: An Alex Delaware Novel

by Jonathan Kellerman  

“With his latest, [Jonathan Kellerman] not only brings his ‘A’ game but also ratchets it up a notch or three. . . . Victims will keep you up at night.”—Bookreporter   Acid-tongued Vita Berlin hadn’t a friend in the world, but whom did she cross so badly as to end up meticulously arranged in such a gruesome murder scene? One … Read More

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