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Sherman’s March

by Burke Davis  

A New York Times–bestselling author’s account of the devastating military campaign that broke the Confederacy’s back in the last months of the Civil War. In November 1864, just days after the reelection of President Abraham Lincoln, Gen. William T. Sherman vowed to “make Georgia howl.” The hero of Shiloh and his 65,000 Federal troops destroyed the great city of Atlanta, … Read More

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Catch Me If You Can: The True Story of a Real Fake

by Frank W. Abagnale  

The uproarious, bestselling true story of the world’s most sought-after con man, immortalized by Leonardo DiCaprio in DreamWorks’ feature film of the same name, from the author of Scam Me If You Can.  Frank W. Abagnale, alias Frank Williams, Robert Conrad, Frank Adams, and Robert Monjo, was one of the most daring con men, forgers, imposters, and escape artists in history. In … Read More

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Dig Two Graves: The No. 1 Crime Thriller – New To Kindle Unlimited (Solomon Gray)

by Keith Nixon  

A cold, broken teenager lies beneath the looming shadow of his apartment building in an apparent suicide. Detective Gray stares, with tired eyes, at the body of Nick Buckingham, wondering why, at the age of 16, he would see no other choice but to jump from his balcony in such a final act … but more importantly, wondering why this … Read More

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Justice Delayed ( Book #1)

by Patricia Bradley  

It’s been eighteen years since TV crime reporter Andi Hollister’s sister was murdered. The confessed killer is behind bars, and the execution date is looming. But when a letter surfaces stating that the condemned killer didn’t actually do it, Detective Will Kincaide of the Memphis Cold Case Unit will stop at nothing to help Andi get to the bottom of … Read More

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Whisper of Love (A Whisper Lake Romance Book 1)

by Melanie Shawn  

Stand-alone Whisper Lake romance, complete with HEA—and plenty of heat and heart along the way! There is a thin line between love and hate. For Allison Walsh, that line was a tightrope hanging a hundred feet in the air, with no safety net to catch her if–or when–she fell. Ali was barely treading water after losing her big brother, who … Read More

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Last of the Chosen (Spirit of Empire Book 1)

by Lawrence P. White  

Looking for adventure, romance, a modern day quest in the tradition of Star Wars? Hop aboard for an epic journey that starts on Earth but spans the galaxy. Join our heroes and heroines through a five-book series as they struggle to put down an invasion that threatens galactic peace. In the process, they might even save Earth.

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Stars Upside Down: a memoir of travel, grief, and an incandescent God

by Jennie Goutet  

At seventeen, Jennie Goutet has a dream that she will one day marry a French man and sets off to Avignon in search of him. Though her dream eludes her, she lives boldly—teaching in Asia, studying in Paris, working and traveling for an advertising firm in New York. When God calls her, she answers reluctantly, and must first come to … Read More

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How To Pray For A Financial Miracle: Enlisting God’s Help In Solving Everyday Financial Problems

by James L Paris  

What happens when a 'financial expert' goes bankrupt? After becoming a published author, TV personality, and radio host, James L. Paris loses everything when his accountant (his own brother) embezzled millions and wiped him out. Paris says he was so depressed that he planned out his own suicide. He shares his gripping story and how God revealed to him 'How To … Read More

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The Crimson Cord (Daughters of the Promised Land Book #1): Rahab’s Story

by Jill Eileen Smith  

Wife to a gambler who took one too many risks, Rahab finds herself sold as a slave to cover her husband’s debt. Forced into prostitution by Dabir, counselor to the Syrian king, Rahab despairs of ever regaining her freedom and her self-respect. But when Israelite spies enter Jericho and come to lodge at her house, Rahab sees a glimmer of … Read More

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City of Beads: Tubby Dubonnet Series #2 (A Hard-Boiled but Humorous New Orleans Mystery) (The Tubby Dubonnet Series)

by Tony Dunbar  

TUBBY’S CURE FOR BOREDOM: RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!The SECOND deliciously sneaky mystery in Anthony- and Edgar-nominated Tony Dunbar’s Tubby Dubonnet series."Dunbar catches the rich, dark spirit of New Orleans better than anyone." -Publishers WeeklyNew Orleans lawyer Tubby Dubonnet is bored. He wants to bill enough hours to pay his alimony and keep his daughter in college, with enough left over … Read More

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Always Come Home (Emerson Book 1)

by Maureen Driscoll  

From the author of the Kellington series of Regency romances, comes the first novel about the Emerson family. Colin Emerson, the Earl of Ridgeway, has two unmarried sisters and a mountain of debt incurred by his late father. He has no choice but to marry an heiress. It is most unfortunate, therefore, when he falls in love with a penniless … Read More

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Where Good Girls Go to Die: A Second Chance Romance (The Good Girls Series Book 1)

by Holly Renee  

A steamy, gripping second chance romance that readers are calling "an intoxicating read that will hold you absolutely spellbound."-Bloggers From Down Under NOW A TOP 60 AMAZON BESTSELLER It was a bad idea from the beginning. He was my brother’s best friend and the definition of unavailable. But I didn’t care. I had loved him for as long as I … Read More

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Oppose Any Foe (A Luke Stone Thriller—Book 4)

by Jack Mars  

“One of the best thrillers I have read this year. The plot is intelligent and will keep you hooked from the beginning. The author did a superb job creating a set of characters who are fully developed and very much enjoyable. I can hardly wait for the sequel.”–Books and Movie Reviews, Roberto Mattos (re Any Means Necessary) OPPOSE ANY FOE … Read More

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The Gallaghers of Morning Star Boxed Set: Books 1-3 (Texas Heroes Boxed Sets Book 1)

by Jean Brashear  

SECRETS WILL BE REVEALED AND FOUR LIVES CHANGED FOREVER Three Texas romances readers say will keep you “up all night.” The first boxed set in New York Times bestselling author Jean Brashear’s Texas Heroes series includes three small town love stories rich with emotion, ripe with secrets, scandals and sexual tension. Dalton Wheeler vanished from Morning Star, Texas nearly forty … Read More

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Last Chance To Run: Slye Temp novel (series prequel)

by Dianna Love  

200+ reviews!!! A romantic thriller with sexy alpha agents from New York Times bestseller Dianna Love.To an undercover agent, Angel is a Person of Interest. Zane’s interested. Escaping the compound of a deadly international felon–with a fortune in rare, stolen coins hidden on her body–elite athlete Angel Farentino has to make the most important run of her life. Literally. With … Read More

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Edge (Romance on the Edge Book 1)

by Tiffinie Helmer  

He’s lost his edge…Photojournalist Cache Calder lives to chase a great story. He’s just returned from the Middle East after surviving a suicide bombing that left him injured and grief-stricken. The last thing he wants is to travel to the wilds of Alaska on a "Where Is She Now" Assignment. But when his editor informs him that his subject is … Read More

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by Anne Eliot  

At a freshman party she doesn’t remember…Jess Jordan was almost raped.…Almost. Very nearly. Not quite. Three years later, Jess has managed to make everyone believe she’s better. Over it. Because she is….Almost. Very nearly. Not quite. Unfortunately, until Jess proves she’s back to normal activities, her parents won’t discuss college. So, she lands a summer internship and strikes a deal … Read More

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Dark Carnival (The Dark Trilogy Book 2)

by Nancy K. Duplechain  

"I noticed countless eyes following me. They belonged to shop-keeps closing up for the night, the homeless watching me from their makeshift beds, call girls pretending to wait for their next tricks on the corners, but all the while, wary of my every move. I didn’t belong here and they knew it. I could feel Les Foncés all around me, … Read More

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Fear the Worst: A Thriller

by Linwood Barclay  

“An uncomfortably plausible tale . . . Barclay’s pacing is impeccable. . . . A page-turner that keeps the reader guessing until the end.”—Denver Post Tim Blake is an average guy. He sells cars. He has an ex-wife who’s moved in with another man. It’s not a life without hassles, but nothing will prepare him for when his daughter, Sydney, … Read More

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Frankenstein: Prodigal Son: A Novel

by Dean Koontz  

From the celebrated imagination of Dean Koontz comes a powerful reworking of one of the classic stories of all time. If you think you know the story, you know only half the truth. Get ready for the mystery, the myth, the terror, and the magic of… Dean Koontz’s Prodigal Son Every city has secrets. But none as terrible as this. … Read More

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The Wedding Chapel

by Rachel Hauck  

From New York Times bestselling author of The Wedding Dress comes The Wedding Chapel. A lonely wedding chapel built as a tribute to lost love just might hold the long-awaited secret to hope and reconciliation. For sixty years, the wedding chapel has stood silent and empty. Retired football hall-of-famer Jimmy “Coach” Westbrook built the chapel by hand, stone by stone, for his beautiful and beloved … Read More

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Mary Coin: A Novel

by Marisa Silver  

Bestselling author Marisa Silver takes Dorothea Lange’s Migrant Mother photograph as inspiration for a story of two women—one famous and one forgotten—and their remarkable chance encounter. In 1936, a young mother resting by the side of the road in central California is spontaneously photographed by a woman documenting migrant laborers in search of work. Few personal details are exchanged and neither … Read More

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The Weird Sisters [Kindle Edition]

by Eleanor Brown  

This is the "delightful" (People) New York Times bestseller that’s earned raves from Sarah Blake, Helen Simonson, and reviewers everywhere-the story of three sisters who love each other, but just don’t happen to like each other very much… Three sisters have returned to their childhood home, reuniting the eccentric Andreas family. Here, books are a passion (there is no problem … Read More

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Physics of the Future: How Science Will Shape Human Destiny and Our Daily Lives by the Year 2100

by Michio Kaku  

Imagine, if you can, the world in the year 2100. In Physics of the Future, Michio Kaku—the New York Times bestselling author of Physics of the Impossible—gives us a stunning, provocative, and exhilarating vision of the coming century based on interviews with over three hundred of the world’s top scientists who are already inventing the future in their labs. The … Read More

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A New Dawn: Star Wars

by John Jackson Miller  

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. . . .   “The war is over. The Separatists have been defeated, and the Jedi rebellion has been foiled. We stand on the threshold of a new beginning.”—Emperor Palpatine   For a thousand generations, the Jedi Knights brought peace and order to the Galactic Republic, aided by their connection … Read More

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No Hero: The Evolution of a Navy SEAL

by Mark Owen  

The companion volume to the multimillion-copy bestseller No Easy Day by former Navy SEAL Mark Owen reveals the evolution of a SEAL Team Six operator. Mark Owen’s instant #1 New York Times bestseller, No Easy Day: The Firsthand Account of the Mission that Killed Osama bin Laden, focused on the high-profile targets and headline-grabbing chapters of the author’s thirteen years as … Read More

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