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Raggy Arsed Lads

by Allan Finlay  

Set in a small town of the industrial North of England in the late 1950’s /early 1960’s, this is a feel good story about the antics of a young man’s attempt to make something of himself, with a little the help from the lads in his yard. Thwarted with bad luck and inexperience, their journey of persistence never to miss … Read More

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Educated: A Memoir

by Tara Westover  

#1 NEW YORK TIMES, WALL STREET JOURNAL, AND BOSTON GLOBE BESTSELLER • One of the most acclaimed books of our time: an unforgettable memoir about a young woman who, kept out of school, leaves her survivalist family and goes on to earn a PhD from Cambridge University   “Extraordinary . . . an act of courage and self-invention.”—The New York Times   … Read More

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Shadowborn Academy: Year One (Dark Fae Academy Series Book 1)

by G. Bailey  

My fate is in the dark, And my shadow there is real… The darkness likes to play in this world. It also likes to deceive. In the Enchanted Forest, secrets thrive and one girl desperately needs to find answers before it’s too late. That girl is Corvina Charles, a powerful Shadowborn—a human who touched dark magic and became something else. … Read More

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I Pick You: A High-Voltage Contemporary Christian Fiction Thriller (Signs of Life Series Book 3)

by Creston Mapes  

There Are Some Bad Seeds You Never Want to Meet A year from retirement and still reeling from daughter Leena’s kidnapping, Portland Police Investigator Wayne Deetz is called upon to check on a domestic violence case. From the moment Deetz and his friend Callie Freeland show up to help Sunny Carlisle, they are blindsided by a lawless toxic steamroller named … Read More

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Seven Sins

by J.R. Thorn  

What do a fallen angel, a vampire, and a sexy bodyguard have in common? They’re the carriers of the seven deadly sins—and it’s my job to conquer them. I don’t take shit from anybody, and that’s what has gotten me through life so far. My mother’s dead. My brother struck a deal with the Incubus King that gets me in … Read More

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Charlie’s Will: Small Town Romance / Suspense (Barrington Series Book 1)

by Susan Mackie  

“A lovely rural drama with plenty of romance and steam…” Mandy White, Australia. Rose Gordon knew the farm would be hers when her grandfather died. Strong and sassy, Rose is the sole heir to five generations of cattle country and the magnificent Barrington Homestead. But Charlie’s will is not as she expects and the appearance of Angus Hamilton on the … Read More

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Weakened Mountains (Artemis University Book 4)

by Erin R Flynn  

My name is Tamsin Vale, and I survived my first semester at Artemis University… And several Biblical plagues. Of all the things I’d been expecting, plagues weren’t one of them. We still don’t know who the culprit was or if it was simply a prank, so there’s possibly another threat out there against me. Add it to the list. Unfortunately, … Read More

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First Instinct (Northstar Book 1)

by Suzie O'Connell  

Best friend. Rescuer. Crutch. As Beth overcomes every college student’s worst nightmare, will she add “lover” to the names she has for Nick? Life-long friends Beth Carlyle and Nick Hammond haven’t ever pushed the limits of their relationship, but in one shattering night, everything changes. Nick becomes Beth’s anchor as she pulls the pieces of herself together. With her trust … Read More

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You Have Been Judged: A Space Opera Adventure Legal Thriller (Judge, Jury, Executioner Book 1)

by Craig Martelle  

Rivka Anoa has a gift and a galactic mandate. She’s a lawyer accused of a murder she did commit. She stands ready to accept her fate, even though her victim was a murderer. A second chance appears. Become more than a lawyer. Be one who judges and punishes the guilty. Could she look herself in the mirror after meting out … Read More

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Outsystem: A Military Science Fiction Space Opera Epic (Aeon 14: The Intrepid Saga Book 1)

by M. D. Cooper  

Delve into the epic Aeon 14 Universe with the Bestselling book that started it all. I’m done with Sol. The system is rotting, and I want out. The Terran Space Force has tried to hold onto me, but even they can’t deny the people behind the largest colony ship ever made. The GSS Intrepid can house millions of colonists, and … Read More

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Breacher (Tom Keeler Book 2)

by Jack Lively  

The second thriller in the Tom Keeler series, Breacher is a pulsing thriller that sinks its hooks in from the beginning and never lets up until the last page. ‘Action packed from start to finish. Loved it!’ – Sonal ‘Ripping yarn. Much better than the feeble impersonators.’ – Edward Newfield _______________ A YOUNG MAN MISSING. His mother is up in … Read More

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Cursed (Joey Santana Book 1)

by Karina Espinosa  

The headlines read: Human Bitten by Werewolf. Story of my life. The name’s Joey Santana and my twenty-fifth birthday didn’t necessarily go as planned. In a world where supernaturals and humans live together, I was attacked, then saved by none other than the Alpha of the Los Angeles Pack. But with survival came a price. And I wasn’t sure if … Read More

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by Penelope Douglas  

From New York Times bestselling author, Penelope Douglas, comes a new standalone! Three of them, one of her, and a remote cabin in the woods. Let the hot, winter nights ensue… Tiernan de Haas doesn’t care about anything anymore. The only child of a film producer and his starlet wife, she’s grown up with wealth and privilege but not love … Read More

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Gild (The Plated Prisoner Series Book 1)

by Raven Kennedy  

By bestselling author Raven Kennedy, comes the first book in a stunning new fantasy series, perfect for fans of Sarah J Maas and Jennifer L Armentrout. The fae abandoned this world to us. And the ones with power rule. Gold. Gold floors, gold walls, gold furniture, gold clothes. In Highbell, in the castle built into the frozen mountains, everything is … Read More

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Priest: A Love Story

by Sierra Simone  

There are many rules a priest can’t break. A priest cannot marry. A priest cannot abandon his flock. A priest cannot forsake his God. I’ve always been good at following rules. Until she came. Then I learned new rules. My name is Tyler Anselm Bell. I’m twenty-nine years old. Six months ago, I broke my vow of celibacy on the … Read More

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The Second Life of Mirielle West: A Haunting Historical Novel Perfect for Book Clubs

by Amanda Skenandore  

The glamorous world of a silent film star’s wife abruptly crumbles when she’s forcibly quarantined at the Carville Lepers Home in this page-turning story of courage, resilience, and reinvention set in 1920s Louisiana and Los Angeles. Based on little-known history, this timely book will strike a chord with readers of Fiona Davis, Tracey Lange, and Marie Benedict.   Based on … Read More

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Still Beating

by Jennifer Hartmann  

☆ #1 Amazon Bestseller in three separate categories! ☆ WARNING: This book contains subject matter that may be sensitive for some readers. There is dark and triggering content between these pages. 18+ only. Please read responsibly. When Cora attends her sister’s birthday party, she expects at most a hangover or a walk of shame. She doesn’t anticipate a stolen wallet, … Read More

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Psycho Shifters (Cruel Shifterverse Book 1)

by Jasmine Mas  

★ An Amazon Top 5 Bestselling Series ★ Fight like a girl…or a shifter of lore. After growing up with nothing, I’ve finally found my path to freedom: I’m a shifter, an elite soldier who transforms into a monster. All I have to do is survive. I didn’t count on my three 6’5 roommates. Covered in tattoos, jeweled, and horned, … Read More

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The Devil in the White City: A Saga of Magic and Murder at the Fair that Changed America

by Erik Larson  

NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • The true tale of the 1893 World’s Fair in Chicago and the cunning serial killer who used the magic and majesty of the fair to lure his victims to their death. “Relentlessly fuses history and entertainment to give this nonfiction book the dramatic effect of a novel …. It doesn’t hurt that this truth is stranger … Read More

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by Matthew McConaughey  

#1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • Discover the life-changing memoir that has inspired millions of readers through the Academy Award®–winning actor’s unflinching honesty, unconventional wisdom, and lessons learned the hard way about living with greater satisfaction. NAMED ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR BY THE GUARDIAN “McConaughey’s book invites us to grapple with the lessons of his life as he did—and … Read More

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The Hotel Nantucket

by Elin Hilderbrand  

“The queen of beach reads” (New York Magazine) delivers an immensely satisfying page-turner in this tale about a summer of scandal at a storied Nantucket hotel. Fresh off a bad breakup with a longtime boyfriend, Nantucket sweetheart Lizbet Keaton is desperately seeking a second act. When she’s named the new general manager of the Hotel Nantucket, a once Gilded Age … Read More

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The Second Mrs. Astor: A Heartbreaking Historical Novel of the Titanic

by Shana Abe  

“Abé is an exquisite storyteller. Rich in detail and deeply moving.” —Fiona Davis, New York Times bestselling author of The Magnolia Palace “One of the most beautifully written books I’ve ever had the pleasure to read. A gorgeous, phenomenal novel I won’t soon forget.” —Ellen Marie Wiseman New York Times bestselling Author of The Orphan Collector Perfect for fans of Jennifer … Read More

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