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Murder in the Marais (An Aimee Leduc Investigation Book 1)

by Cara Black  

Meet Aimée Leduc, the smart, stylish Parisian private investigator, in her bestselling first investigation Aimée Leduc has always sworn she would stick to tech investigation—no criminal cases for her. Especially since her father, the late police detective, was killed in the line of duty. But when an elderly Jewish man approaches Aimée with a top-secret decoding job on behalf of … Read More

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The Emerald Horizon (The Star and the Shamrock Book 2)

by Jean Grainger  

Berlin, 1944 Ariella Bannon is being hunted. Someone is determined to betray her, but she has survived against incredible odds, and the end is in sight. She will be reunited with her precious children, no matter what it takes. Meanwhile, Liesl and Erich have found a home in Ireland away from the chaos of war-ravaged Europe. As the dark news … Read More

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The Iron Sword (The Fae War Chronicles Book 1)

by Jocelyn Fox  

"A swords-and-sorcery tale that dazzles…" -Kirkus Reviews "THE IRON SWORD is a delightful start to a promising new fantasy series, and it’s well worth a read, particularly for the reader who never outgrew the best fairy tales."- Catherine Langrehr for IndieReader Tess O’Connor stopped believing in fairy tales as a child when her father died…but all that changes when she … Read More

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Tell Me to Go

by Charlotte Byrd  

His offer: 365 days and nights = $1 million My addendum: I’m not doing that His promise: Before the year is up, you’ll beg for it My days of lying and stealing are over, but then Nicholas Crawford makes me an offer I can’t refuse. Spend a year pretending to be his significant other in exchange for $1 million dollars. … Read More

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The Recipe Hacker: Comfort Foods without Soy, Dairy, Cane Sugar, Gluten, and Grain

by Diana Keuilian  

Break the recipe code for your favorite foods! Free of grains, gluten, dairy, cane sugar, and soy, The Recipe Hacker is a mouthwatering collection of your favorite comfort foods with a healthy twist. Learn to use easy ingredient substitutions to transform traditional dishes into real, healthy comfort food masterpieces, without sacrificing any of the flavor! Enjoy healthier, whole-food versions of … Read More

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Roommating (Preston’s Mill Book 1)

by Noelle Adams  

Forget all those other roommate romances you might have read. Heather and Chris don’t hate each other…very much. And they don’t have sex all the time…at least not at first. Chris doesn’t go around shirtless, flexing his muscles and driving Heather wild…too often. And he doesn’t get jealous and possessive every time she goes out with another man…well, maybe occasionally. … Read More

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Above All Things

by Deborah Raney  

They were on their way to being a real family…until she came into their lives. Expecting their first baby, Judd and Evette McGlin are thrilled at the prospect of becoming parents. But their marriage faces the ultimate test when Judd learns he already has a child: a six-year-old bi-racial daughter, born amid secrets and lies. Now, Evette must decide if … Read More

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Bourbon Love Notes (The Barrel House Series Book 1)

by Shari J. Ryan  

Life can change in a single breath. The phone rang and my world was destroyed.I don’t remember packing.Barely recall booking a flight. Even so, fate interceded in my moment of sorrow by sitting me shoulder to shoulder with a face from my past. Brett Pearson. Time was kind to my teenage crush, who matured into a strikingly handsome ex-Marine. Before … Read More

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A Faithful Son

by Michael Garvin  

*****Winner of The Beverly Hills Book Awards*****Best Of – The Novel Approach *****Finalist – New York Book Festival *****Kirkus Recommended *****Five Stars San Francisco Book Review *****Five Stars Foreward Reviews *****Five Stars Clarion Review A Faithful Son is an award-winning, dazzling debut and genre-defying novel. "…A Faithful Son is bound to be an all-time classic and reader’s favorite…." San Francisco … Read More

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Atlantis: A Novel of Time Travel and Alternate Worlds

by Bob Mayer  

“Spell-binding! Will keep you on the edge of your seat. Call it techno-thriller, call it science fiction, call it just terrific story-telling.” Terry Brooks, #1 NY Times Bestselling author of the Shannara series and Star Wars Phantom Menace A war beyond time. An enemy beyond space. A thriller beyond your wildest dreams. Three areas on the Earth’s surface defy explanation: … Read More

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The Others (Haunted From Without – Book One) : A Mystery & Detective Paranormal Action & Adventure Medical Thriller Conspiracy

by Ian C.P. Irvine  

A unique combination of medical thriller, conspiracy thriller, mystery, detective fiction and ghost story Haunted From Without will keep you riveted to your Kindle for hour after hour! If a farmers’ guild from Iowa is correct, is the world stumbling blindly into a disaster that could threaten the survival of the human race? Who are ‘the Others’? And what is … Read More

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Snow Cold Case: A Mystic Snow Globe Romantic Mystery (The Mystic Snow Globe Mystery Series Book 1)

by M.Z. Andrews  

Meet reclusive mystery writer, Johanna Hughes, and Rockland Gable Hughes, aka Rocky, JoJo’s trusty English Mastiff, loyal companion, and roommate. On a walk, just a little more than a week before Christmas, Rocky and Johanna are lured into an antique shop by an enchanting grey cat. Inside, they stumble upon a mystic snow globe hidden amongst all the antiques. Johanna … Read More

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Lash (The Skulls Book 1)

by Sam Crescent  

No one messes with The Skulls and gets away with it! The last thing Angel Marston ever wanted was be at the mercy of The Skulls. They’re the local bikers and the club that helps keep the town safe, but they have their own kind of rules. They party hard and do whatever the hell they want. But her father’s … Read More

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Love Notes

by Heather Gunter  

*Amazon Best Selling Series* For Charlie Preston “home” has never been the haven from the big bad world everyone claims; it’s just the place she sleeps at night. Music is her haven and, thanks to technology, her haven is always with her, making it the only thing she needs to survive yet another new school and finish her senior year. … Read More

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Deathless & Divided (The Chicago War Book 1)

by Bethany-Kris  

Lies and love. This is how a war starts. A life for a life. That’s the mafia way. Damian Rossi owes his life to a man who is ready to collect. That payment comes in the form of an arranged marriage to the daughter of another leading family in the Chicago Outfit. He’s ready to follow through, even if that … Read More

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Half Truths: A Romantic Suspense (Secret Society Book 1)

by Claire Contreras  

"Half Truths is a unique, bold tale that ups the bar for stories in this genre." – Adriana Locke, USA Today Bestselling author You’ve heard of these groups – the secretive ones that only the crème de la crème are invited into, the ones outsiders speculate about for centuries – I’m the second in my family invited to attend, but … Read More

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Twelve Days of Christmas: A bestselling Christmas read to devour in one sitting!

by Trisha Ashley  

From the No.1 bestselling author of The Christmas Invitation, this Christmas book will have you hooked from start to finish – the perfect read as those cold winter nights draw in. Christmas has always been a sad time for young widow Holly Brown. So when she's asked to look after a remote house on the Lancashire moors, the opportunity to … Read More

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The Sea Wolves: A History of the Vikings

by Lars Brownworth  

In AD 793 Norse warriors struck the English isle of Lindisfarne and laid waste to it. Wave after wave of Norse ‘sea-wolves’ followed in search of plunder, land, or a glorious death in battle. Much of the British Isles fell before their swords, and the continental capitals of Paris and Aachen were sacked in turn. Turning east, they swept down … Read More

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The Assistant

by Marni Mann  

From USA Today best-selling author, Marni Mann, comes a haunting new stand-alone. At forty-two, I’m married to my best friend, and we have two beautiful children. Everything about my life is perfect until my father gets sick. Before: I owned and operated a massively successful women’s shapewear company.After: I stay home with my family because I’ve learned the importance of … Read More

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Spinning Forward (Cedar Key Book 1)

by Terri DuLong  

In a debut novel brimming with warmth and wit, Terri DuLong spins a tale of new beginnings, old friends, and lives forever bound. . . A New Englander born and bred, the last place Sydney Webster expects to find herself starting over is on an island off the coast of Florida. Yet here she is in Cedar Key, trying to … Read More

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The Lost Codex(OPSIG Team Black Series)

by Alan Jacobson  

In this “brilliant” thriller from the USA Today–bestselling author, ancient biblical documents are at the center of a devastating terrorist threat (Jeffery Deaver). In 930 CE, a revered group of scholars pens the first sanctioned Bible, planting the seed from which other major religions will grow. But in 1953, half the manuscript goes missing while being transported from Syria. Around … Read More

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Flawed (Perfection Book 2)

by J.L. Spelbring  

 In a world where Hitler won the The War, and perfection is constantly sought, Ellyssa has broken free from her austere life and has found another meaning for her existence. Family, friendship, and love.     But her happiness is short-lived. Ellyssa finds herself on the run again. Having destroyed her father’s base of research and operations, she, Rein and … Read More

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by JL Spelbring  

The personification of Aryan purity, Ellyssa’s spent her whole life under her creator’s strict training and guidance; her purpose is to eradicate inferior beings. She was genetically engineered to be the perfect soldier: strong, intelligent, unemotional, and telepathic. Only Ellyssa isn’t perfect. Ellyssa feels emotions–a fact she’s spent her life concealing. Until she encounters the epitome of inferiority: a dark-haired … Read More

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Avenue of Spies: A True Story of Terror, Espionage, and One American Family’s Heroic Resistance in Nazi-Occupied Paris

by Alex Kershaw  

The best-selling author of The Liberator brings to life the incredible true story of an American doctor in Paris, and his heroic espionage efforts during World War II. The leafy Avenue Foch, one of the most exclusive residential streets in Nazi-occupied France, was Paris's hotbed of daring spies, murderous secret police, amoral informers, and Vichy collaborators. So when American physician … Read More

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Tarnsman of Gor (Gorean Saga Book 1)

by John Norman  

The first novel in the long-running sword-and-planet series set on a Counter-Earth, where warriors rise above the chaos of bondage and brutality. Tarl Cabot has always believed himself to be a citizen of Earth. He has no inkling that his destiny is far greater than the small planet he has inhabited for the first twenty-odd years of his life. One … Read More

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Thirteen Moons: A Novel

by Charles Frazier  

This magnificent novel by one of America’s finest writers is the epic of one man’s remarkable journey, set in nineteenth-century America against the background of a vanishing people and a rich way of life. At the age of twelve, under the Wind moon, Will is given a horse, a key, and a map, and sent alone into the Indian Nation … Read More

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