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Hotel Megalodon

by Rick Chesler  

An underwater luxury hotel on a gorgeous tropical island is set for an extravagant opening weekend with the world watching. The only thing standing in the way of a first-rate experience for the jet-setting VIPs is an unscrupulous businessman and sixty feet of prehistoric shark. As the underwater complex is besieged by a marauding behemoth, newly minted marine biologist Coco … Read More

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Ready to Were: Shift Happens Series Book One

by Robyn Peterman  

I never planned on going back to Hung Island, Georgia. Ever.I was a top notch Were agent for the secret paranormal Council and happily living in Chicago where I had everything I needed –  a gym membership, season tickets to the Cubs and Dwayne – my gay, Vampyre best friend. Going back now would mean facing the reason I’d left … Read More

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First Family

by Alice Langholt  

2016 Finalist in the Reader’s Favorite International Book Awards Contest for Inspirational Fiction. First Family will transport you into the Garden, and out of it again, in first person accounts from Adam, Eve, Cain, and Abel’s lives through the familiar story of the "real" First Family. Recognize yourself in every character as the story presents vivid themes of wonder, parenting, … Read More

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The Moon Coin (The Moon Realm Series Book 1)

by Richard Due  

Moonbeam Children’s Book Award Winner As children, Lily and her brother Jasper were captivated by tales of the Moon Realm, with its magical lunamancers, undersea merfolk, winged dragons, and Lily’s favorite, the heroic Rinn. Their Uncle Ebb made it sound like he’d been there himself. "Tales, unlike stories, never lie. Would you like to hear one?" He made them sound … Read More

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Giselle: Creme De La Creme

by Nako  

Warning: When opening Pandora’s Box be very careful. Kasim Moreland was totally unprepared to deal with Giselle Braxton. Not only was she out of his league but the woman was brilliant. Every time Kasim thought he finally was ahead of her she showed him that he wasn’t. Checkmate. Giselle Braxton isn’t looking for love or help, the twenty-five year old … Read More

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Rafferty’s Rules: A Rafferty P.I. Mystery (Rafferty : Hardboiled P.I. Book 1)

by W. Glenn Duncan  

Bikers kidnapped her daughter She wants Rafferty to kill them all And she’s willing to pay … Rafferty ain’t in the revenge business. So when he gets told to gun down the low-lifes who kidnapped Vivian Mollison and put her into a drug-induced twilight zone, it’s no can do. No matter how much money Vivian’s mother is willing to throw … Read More

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Lost Highlander

by Cassidy Cayman  

Grad student and cocktail waitress Evelyn Merkholtz has plenty to deal with. Too much to deal with. So, when her runaway best friend calls with a mysterious and urgent request to join her in Scotland, she is secretly more than happy to drop everything and oblige. She’s faced with an ancient curse, an adorably hunky villager, and a super hot … Read More

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Broken Trails: A second chance sweet western romance (The Montana Trails Series Book 1)

by Bonnie R. Paulson  

A lonely cowboy finds a second chance at love. But her time is running out. Can they find love before it’s too late? Nathan Rourke lost almost everything he holds dear. What he still has, he’ll do anything to keep. His Montana ranch is not just a place, it’s his home and what’s left of his family. He’s holding his … Read More

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Waking Maya

by Warren Goldie  

When Maya Burke digs up an old journal written by her father, a man she has never met, what she finds is a plan for a spiritual journey created specifically for her. As she explores its teachings, she is catapulted onto a cross-country adventure, and is swept up into a world of visions, vortexes, secret government programs, and a spiritual … Read More

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The Dog Walker

by Corwyn Alvarez  

"Alvarez entices readers to see the town of Mayfield through the eyes of Benny as he creates a kinship with the dogs he walks for his neighbors and takes uncharted paths, twists and turns that give way to new adventures."-Kirkus Reviews If there are guardian angels among us, surely Benny is one of them. Gently challenged and benignly observant, he … Read More

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A Secret Muse: A Dark Vampire Thriller (The Creatives Series Book 1)

by Mandy Jackson-Beverly  

Are you ready to go beyond the ordinary into a cruel and broody world reminiscent of traditional vampire stories? UCLA art professor Coco Rhodes hates secrets. But after a near-fatal threat on her life, she can no longer ignore the darkness of her family’s past. She turns to her brother, Christopher, who insists she’ll find answers in her birthplace of … Read More

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The Raw Shark Texts

by Steven Hall  

This genre-bending national bestseller is “a horror-dystopic-philosophical mash-up, drawing comparisons to Borges, The Matrix and Jaws” (The New York Times Magazine).   Eric Sanderson wakes up in a house he doesn’t recognize, unable to remember anything of his life. A note instructs him to call a Dr. Randle, who informs him that he is undergoing yet another episode of memory … Read More

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Last Exit to Brooklyn: A Novel (An Evergreen book)

by Hubert Selby Jr.  

“An extraordinary achievement . . . a vision of hell so stern it cannot be chuckled or raged aside.”—The New York Times Book ReviewA classic of postwar American literature, Last Exit to Brooklyn created shock waves upon its release in 1964 with its raw, vibrant language and startling revelations of New York City’s underbelly.  The prostitutes, drunks, addicts, and johns of … Read More

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Simple Thai Food: Classic Recipes from the Thai Home Kitchen [A Cookbook]

by Leela Punyaratabandhu  

Thai takeout meets authentic, regional flavors in this collection of 100 recipes for easy, economical, and accessible Thai classics–from the rising star behind the blog She Simmers. Who can say no to a delicious plate of Pad Thai with Shrimp; a fresh, tangy Green Papaya Salad; golden Fried Spring Rolls; or a rich, savory Pork Toast with Cucumber Relish? Thai food … Read More

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When God Writes Your Love Story (Expanded Edition): The Ultimate Guide to Guy/Girl Relationships

by Eric Ludy  

In their most popular book, bestselling authors Eric and Leslie Ludy challenge singles to take a fresh approach to relationships in a culture where love has been replaced by cheap sensual passion. When God Writes Your Love Story shows that God’s way to true love brings fulfillment and romance in its purest, richest, and most satisfying form. This new edition … Read More

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Homeland: A Novel (The Crown Family Saga Book 1)

by John Jakes  

From the #1 New York Times–bestselling author of North and South: The first in a saga about a German immigrant and his family’s rise in 20th-century America.  The tide of the twentieth century is rising upon the world, and on its crest rides the Crown family.   Young Pauli Kroner, freshly arrived in America from the streets of Berlin, makes … Read More

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The Cardinal of the Kremlin (Jack Ryan Universe Book 3)

by Tom Clancy  

In this electrifying #1 New York Times bestselling thriller from Tom Clancy, a silent war between the USA and Russia will decide the fate of the world—and Jack Ryan is behind enemy lines. Two men possess vital data on Russia’s Star Wars missile defense system. One of them is CARDINAL—America’s highest agent in the Kremlin—and he’s about to be terminated … Read More

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Hitler’s Last Witness: The Memoirs of Hitler’s Bodyguard

by Rochus Misch  

After being seriously wounded in the 1939 Polish campaign, Rochus Misch was invited to join Hitler’s SS-bodyguard. There he served until the war’s end as Hitler’s bodyguard, courier, orderly and finally as Chief of Communications. On the Berghof terrace he watched Eva Braun organize parties; observed Heinrich Himmler and Albert Speer; and monitored telephone conversations from Berlin to the East … Read More

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Lakota Woman

by Richard Erdoes Mary Crow Dog  

The bestselling memoir of a Native American woman’s struggles and the life she found in activism: “courageous, impassioned, poetic and inspirational” (Publishers Weekly).   Mary Brave Bird grew up on the Rosebud Indian Reservation in South Dakota in a one-room cabin without running water or electricity. With her white father gone, she was left to endure “half-breed” status amid the … Read More

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From Here to Eternity (The World War II Trilogy Book 1)

by James Jones  

James Jones’s epic story of army life in the calm before Pearl Harbor—now with previously censored scenes and dialogue restored At the Pearl Harbor army base in 1941, Robert E. Lee Prewitt is Uncle Sam’s finest bugler. A career soldier with no patience for army politics, Prewitt becomes incensed when a commander’s favorite wins the title of First Bugler. His … Read More

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Imperial Woman: The Story of the Last Empress of China

by Pearl S. Buck  

From the Nobel Prize–winning author of The Good Earth: the New York Times–bestselling biography of Tzu Hsi, the concubine who became China’s last empress.  In Imperial Woman, Pearl S. Buck brings to life the amazing story of Tzu Hsi, who rose from concubine status to become the working head of the Qing Dynasty. Born from a humble background, Tzu Hsi falls in … Read More

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September: A Novel

by Rosamunde Pilcher  

A place you will never forget Rosamunde Pilcher’s Scotland…where the fields flourish with greenery, the bills bloom with purple, and the lochs glitter with the bright blue of the sky. A time you will never forget September…when the heather is in full flower, the first chill of autumn cools the air, and the countryside stirs with the hunt, balls, dinner … Read More

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A Good Scent from a Strange Mountain

by Robert Olen Butler  

Winner of the Pulitzer Prize: “Uncannily perceptive stories written by an American from the viewpoint of Vietnamese citizens transplanted to Louisiana” (People).  A Good Scent from a Strange Mountain is Robert Olen Butler’s Pulitzer Prize–winning collection of lyrical and poignant stories about the aftermath of the Vietnam War and its enduring impact on the Vietnamese. Written in a soaring prose, … Read More

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Fierce Patriot: The Tangled Lives of William Tecumseh Sherman

by Robert L. O'Connell  

NATIONAL BESTSELLER • William Tecumseh Sherman was more than just one of our greatest generals. Fierce Patriot is a bold, revisionist portrait of how this iconic and enigmatic figure exerted an outsize impact on the American landscape—and the American character.  America’s first “celebrity” general, William Tecumseh Sherman was a man of many faces. Some were exalted in the public eye, others known … Read More

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Lidia’s Commonsense Italian Cooking: 150 Delicious and Simple Recipes Anyone Can Master: A Cookbook

by Lidia Matticchio Bastianich  

From one of the most beloved chefs and authors in America, a beautifully illustrated collection of 150 simple, seasonal Italian recipes told with commonsense cooking wisdom—from the cutting board to the kitchen table.  As storyteller and chef, Lidia Bastianich draws on anecdotes to educate and illustrate. Recalling lessons learned from her mother, Erminia, and her grandmother Nonna Rosa, Lidia pays homage to the … Read More

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