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Girl in Translation

by Jean Kwok  

From the author of Searching for Sylvie Lee, the iconic, New York Times-bestselling debut novel that introduced an important Chinese-American voice with an inspiring story of an immigrant girl forced to choose between two worlds and two futures.  When Kimberly Chang and her mother emigrate from Hong Kong to Brooklyn squalor, she quickly begins a secret double life: exceptional schoolgirl … Read More

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Noble Man (Jake Noble Series Book 1)

by William Miller  

“Fans of Vince Flynn Rejoice!” Jake Noble, Special Forces veteran and ex-CIA operative, is living on his boat, trying to scrape together enough money for his mother’s cancer treatments. When the Agency offers him 150k dollars to track down a missing girl, Noble has no choice but to delve back into the seedy underbelly of Manila’s sex trade. With the … Read More

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Love Unscripted

by Emma Collins  

As Riley Hill’s thirtieth birthday approaches, she’s finally ready to make some changes in her life. She might be a world famous actress, but she’s far from where she wants to be. Screenwriting has always been her dream, not acting. There was also the small matter of coming out. When Laura Foley is approached at a coffee shop by an … Read More

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Twisted (A Ghost Story): Lights Out Series – Book 1

by Marla Meyers  

“This story is scary sauce with a side order of quirky. Pure Entertainment.” ~ Lighthouse Reviews Stella has an injured hip, but she’s hardly ready for a retirement home. At seventy-two, she’s enjoying life on her own for the first time. But when Stella’s daughter—Jennifer—begins to question Stella’s mental state, Stella must hide the happenings in her own house, or … Read More

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The Supremacy License (A Sinatra Thriller Book 1)

by Alan Lee  

Sinatra, a notorious federal marshal, is drafted into a domestic black ops group. Their mission–arrest the untouchable. An international terrorist slips through the East Coast and takes up residence inside an impregnable mountain chateau–within American borders but beyond legal reach. Her name is El Gato and she’s a top priority for both the DEA and FBI. The situation is dicey … Read More

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Queen Of Dreams (The Masks Of Under Book 3)

by Kathryn Ann Kingsley  

I died. It was supposed to be the end of my story. But after Aon buried me in the Pool of the Ancients, I learned that Under wasn’t done with me yet. Even though I escaped death the first time, there’s a prophecy predicting my demise, and it’s driving Aon mad. His desperation to protect me is dangerous, deadly, and … Read More

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Death Do Us Part (Deathly Beloved Book 2)

by Miranda Grant  

THIS BOOK IS 100% BONKERS; IT IS NOT SERIOUS. THE FMC IS THE MEMBER OF A HAPPINESS CULT. SHE’S FULLY INDOCTRINATED IN THEIR ‘CAN’T BE SAD’ IDEOLOGY. Honey, Does This Taste Like Poison To You? I’ve never been a fan of murder. The mess, the smell, the whole hiding the body thing after – it always seemed like way too … Read More

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The Farmer Takes a Wife: Farmers of Goodrich County

by Sharon A. Mitchell  

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She was done doing for everyone else. It was her turn now. Right? Surely, that’s right. Please. Fleeing the city, Mona had a lot to prove, and even more to learn. They said she couldn’t do it. She knew she could. Well, maybe. Responsible, and aloof, Reid held together his family farm, keeping the three-generation legacy alive. Alone, as he … Read More

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Honor’s Players (Flowers & Thorns)

by Holly Newman  

A Rita Award Runner Up Nominee! Every bachelor in London sought the attentions of the beautiful Helene Monweithe. Unfortunately, pursuit was futile. Helene’s father had decreed that she could not wed before her older sister, Elizabeth, wed. Considering Elizabeth’s reputation as The Shrew of London, this was cause for alarm. Then Justin, Viscount St. Ryne, asked for Elizabeth’s hand in … Read More

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The Emperor’s Edge Collection (Books 1, 2, and 3)

by Lindsay Buroker  

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An enforcer wanted dead for crimes she didn’t commit… An assassin wanted dead for crimes he did commit… Normally, they would be enemies, but they both seek the same thing: exoneration. Unfortunately, a nefarious underground organization is attempting to kill the one man who could grant it to them, the emperor. If they want to win their freedom, they’ll have … Read More

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Somebody Else (Somebody, Nobody Duet Book 1)

by Jaxson Kidman  

From the author of bestselling novels 5 YEARS LATER & LET YOU GO comes the heart wrenching, bestselling story about a couple who lost the unthinkable… and then lost each other. With a chance encounter, the spark they once lost is still there… but what if it’s too late for them? He was the one I loved. I was the … Read More

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900 Miles

by S. Johnathan Davis  

John is a killer, but that wasn’t his day job before the Apocalypse. In a harrowing 900 mile race against time to get to his wife just as the dead begin to rise, John, a business man trapped in New York, soon learns that the zombies are the least of his worries, as he sees first-hand the horror of what … Read More

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Half Past Midnight

by Jeff Brackett  

The Doomsday Clock gauges the threat of nuclear war. The closer the hands are to midnight, the more imminent the threat of nuclear war. But what happens after the hands reach midnight? Survivalist Leeland Dawcett finds out when he and his family are plunged into the nightmare of their country returned to a third-world state. No phones. No computers. No … Read More

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Miss Julia Hits the Road: A Novel

by Ann B. Ross  

Miss Julia—that Southern spitfire of a certain age who is never less than charming, even when she’s at her most opinionated—has been praised by Fannie Flagg as “one of the most delightful characters to come along in years.” Don’t miss Ann Ross’s newest,  Miss Julia Raises the Roof, coming April 2018 from Viking. In Miss Julia Hits the Road, she is … Read More

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Trout Fishing in America

by Richard Brautigan  

A book “that has very little to do with trout fishing and a lot to do with the lamenting of a passing pastoral America . . . an instant cult classic” (Financial Times). Richard Brautigan was a literary idol of the 1960s and ’70s who came of age during the heyday of Haight-Ashbury and whose comic genius and iconoclastic vision of American life caught the … Read More

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Meet You in the Middle

by Devon Daniels  

What happens when the person you find most impossible becomes impossible to resist? The Hating Game meets The West Wing in this hilarious across-the-aisle romantic comedy debut about America’s least likely couple. There’s just one thing standing between liberal Senate staffer Kate Adams and passage of the landmark legislation she’s been fighting for all year: Ben Mackenzie, intimidating gatekeeper for … Read More

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Midsummer Moon (Regency Tales Book 1)

by Laura Kinsale  

A duke’s well-ordered world is turned upside down when a female inventor sends his heart soaring in this Regency romance by a New York Times–bestselling author.   Merlin Lambourne has invented the “speaking box”—a sort of telephone—which is so valuable that Napoleon has killed for it. Sent by the crown to bring both inventor and invention to safety, Ransom Falconer, … Read More

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Hullabaloo in the Guava Orchard: A Novel

by Kiran Desai  

An Indian village descends into comical chaos when a bumbling young man decides to live in a tree in this “enchanting . . . meticulously crafted” novel (The New York Times). Sampath Chawla was born in a time of drought into a family not quite like other families, in a town not quite like other towns. After years of failure at school, failure … Read More

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The Great Hurricane, 1938

by Cherie Burns  

“Before there was the Perfect Storm, there was the Great Hurricane of 1938. A riveting and wonderfully written account.” —Nathaniel Philbrick   On the night of September 21, 1938, news on the radio was full of the invasion of Czechoslovakia. There was no mention of any severe weather. By the time oceanfront residents noticed an ominous color in the sky, … Read More

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Mr. Splitfoot: A Novel

by Samantha Hunt  

The strange odysseys of two young women animate this “hypnotic and glowing” American gothic novel that blurs the line between the real and the supernatural (Gregory Maguire, The New York Times Book Review).    A New York Times Editors’ Choice  A Paris Review Staff Pick    Ruth and Nat are seventeen. They are orphans living at The Love of Christ! Foster Home in upstate New … Read More

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Buffering: Unshared Tales of a Life Fully Loaded

by Hannah Hart  

The comedian and Internet star shares her experiences with family, sexuality, mental health, friendship & love in this New York Times–bestselling memoir. The wildly popular YouTube personality, star of Food Network’s I Hart Food, and author of the New York Times–bestseller My Drunk Kitchen is back! This time, she’s stirring up memories and tales from her past. By combing through the journals that Hannah has … Read More

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Blood Red: Mundy’s Landing Book One

by Wendy Corsi Staub  

From New York Times bestselling author Wendy Corsi Staub comes the first in a terrifying new series set in a small town with a sinister secret The razor’s gleaming blade slices effortlessly through skin and tendon, and he relishes the final anguished moments of his prey. There’s only one thing he prizes more: their long, silken strands of red hair. … Read More

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Für Volk and Führer: The Memoir of a Veteran of the 1st SS Panzer Division Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler

by Erwin Bartmann  

One German soldier’s experience in the deadly crucible of World War II combat.   Like many Germans, Berlin schoolboy Erwin Bartmann fell under the spell of the Zeitgeist cultivated by the Nazis. Convinced he was growing up in the best country in the world, he dreamt of joining the Leibstandarte, Hitler’s elite Waffen SS unit. Erwin fulfilled his dream on … Read More

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All the Seas of the World

by Guy Gavriel Kay  

Returning triumphantly to the brilliantly evoked near-Renaissance world of A Brightness Long Ago and Children of Earth and Sky, international bestselling author Guy Gavriel Kay deploys his signature ‘quarter turn to the fantastic’ to tell a story of vengeance, power, and love.   On a dark night along a lonely stretch of coast a small ship sends two people ashore. … Read More

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Dreams and Visions: Is Jesus Awakening the Muslim World?

by Tom Doyle  

What would you do if Jesus appeared to you in a dream and told you to follow Him? What if these visions continued for over thirty days? And what if you were Muslim? Pastor Tom Doyle has spent eleven years as a full-time missionary in the Middle East and Central Asia, spreading the word of Jesus Christ. Throughout his journey … Read More

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Ghana Must Go: A Novel

by Taiye Selasi  

A “buoyant” and “rapturous” debut novel (The Wall Street Journal) about the transformative power of unconditional love Electric, exhilarating, and beautifully crafted, Ghana Must Go introduces the world to Taiye Selasi, a novelist of extraordinary talent. In a sweeping narrative that takes readers from Accra to Lagos to London to New York, it is at once a portrait of a … Read More

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Lease on Love

by Falon Ballard  

Sadie wasn’t looking for love until it landed on her doorstep. After getting passed over for an overdue—and much-needed—promotion, Sadie Green is in desperate need of three things: a stiff drink, a new place to live, and a one-night stand. But when an accidental mix-up lands her on the doorstep of Jack Thomas’s gorgeous Brooklyn brownstone, it’s too bad Sadie … Read More

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