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Codependent No More: How to Stop Controlling Others and Start Caring for Yourself (Revised and Updated)

by Melody Beattie  

REVISED AND UPDATED • With a New Chapter on Trauma and Anxiety, a List of Resources, and More • 2023 Nautilus Book Award Winner • As heard on Glennon Doyle’s We Can Do Hard Things Podcast  The cultural phenomenon that has helped heal millions of readers, this modern classic holds the key to understanding codependency and unlocking its hold on your life. … Read More

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Return to Sandpiper Cottage: A Women’s Friendship Fiction Novel (Cape Avalon)

by W. M. Andrews  

She had to lose everything to figure out what truly mattered… Rachel Whitney is lost. Alone. She needs a place to heal and figure out where her life went wrong. Where she went wrong. But the emotional—and financial—scars her late husband inflicted on her complicate everything. Now, her only sanctuary is the last place she ever wanted to see again. … Read More

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The Tyrant’s Secret Safe House: Bad Boy Billionaire, Enemies to Lovers Adult Romance (Secrets – An Enemies to Lovers Adult Romance Series Book 1)

by Rachel K Stone  

A tyrant boss. A secret safe house. And only the sounds of our pleasure… to pass the time… In my opinion, starting a new career as a financial executive is not all it’s cracked up to be, especially when my boss is a tyrant and a grumpy boss. My gut feelings tell me that enough is enough and I need … Read More

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Giving In: A Bi Awakening Romance (Giving In Series Book 1)

by Rue Whitney  

Who mixes up the dates of a “I want the D” appointment and an interview with their friend’s son? My new boss, that’s who. Morgan “Fitz” Fitzgerald is a ruthlessly dominant, thoughtlessly dismissive, closed-off man who gets whatever he wants, and now he wants me—even if I’m straight and not the hot gay guy he thought he was showing off … Read More

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Courting the Countess

by Anne Stenhouse  

England, 1819 Lady Melissa Pateley is not having an easy time of it. Her beloved husband Neville has died, and a fire at her London home has left her covered in scars. If it wasn’t for a band of loyal servants, she’s not sure how she would survive. Things take a turn for the worse when one day, Colonel Harry … Read More

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Masterson: A Dark Romance (The Masterson Series Book 1)

by Lisa Lang Blakeney  

She’s a sweet girl in trouble. He’s a bad boy asked to protect her. Their chemistry is undeniable but it’s an attraction that’s completely off-limits to explore. That was their first mistake… After Elizabeth Hill is brutally attacked in her apartment by an intruder and then unceremoniously dumped by her ex-boyfriend, she moves in with family that she barely knows … Read More

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The Metronome (The Counterpoint Trilogy Book 1)

by D. R. Bell  

Pavel Rostin has taken too many chances. Once a promising physicist, he abandoned science for finance and risked everything on a speculative venture. Careless and rogue, he gambled with his personal relationships. As Pavel tries to pick up the pieces of his life, a call from Russia informs him that his father is dead. When Pavel follows his father’s footsteps … Read More

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A Taste of Sin (How Sweet It Is Book 1)

by Fiona Zedde  

Desiree Nichols has never been afraid of doing things the hard way. In high school, she was an out lesbian who faced down any bullies who dared challenge her. She jumped in with both feet when she unexpectedly fell for a boy in college. And years later, she didn’t hesitate to race back home to Miami, freshly dumped, to help … Read More

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Among the Reeds: The true story of how a family survived the Holocaust (Holocaust Survivor True Stories)

by Tammy Bottner  

A young Jewish mother. A Nazi occupation bent on genocide. A heart-breaking decision that will tear a young family apart. Belgium, 1940. Melly Bottner is just eighteen with a three-week old newborn son when the Nazi occupation of Belgium begins. She and her young husband Genek live in fear as it becomes obvious that all Jews will soon be taken. … Read More

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Down in New Orleans

by Heather Graham  

Even more books of the author on sale today!

A woman plunges into the dark corners of the Big Easy to clear her ex-husband of murder in a novel by the New York Times–bestselling author of Deadly Fate. Ann and Jon Marcel are a rare case; five years after their divorce, they’re good friends, and Ann has come to love Jon’s hometown of New Orleans. Until the day Jon … Read More

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Discontent (The Nash Harrington Crime Thriller Series Book 5)

by E.H. Reinhard  

Two bodies wait on an oceanside boat dock for Miami Homicide Lieutenant Nash Harrington. Yet this isn’t a typical Wednesday morning murder. The bodies are those of two undercover vice officers who have been sniffing into the local drug trade. Harrington quickly learns that the slain officers are small pieces of a much larger puzzle. Someone is making moves in … Read More

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Dragons of Deceit: Dragonlance Destinies: Volume 1

by Margaret Weis  

Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman return to the unforgettable world of the New York Times bestselling Dragonlance series as a new heroine—desperate to restore her beloved father to life—sets off on a quest to change time. “I love Dragonlance and I love Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman. Plain and simple. Their books are my favorite fantasy series of all time.”—Joe Manganiello Destina … Read More

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Tales from Watership Down (Puffin Books Book 2)

by Richard Adams  

The “utterly captivating” (People) sequel to the beloved classic Watership Down, which introduced millions of readers to an extraordinary world of rabbits. • “It’s grand to see Mr. Adams’s characters again.” —The New York Times Book Review Tales From Watership Down returns to the unforgettable characters of Fiver, Hazel, Bigwig, Dandelion, and the legendary hero El-ahrairah, and also presents new heroes as they … Read More

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A Lily of the Field (Inspector Troy Thriller Book 7)

by John Lawton  

Inspector Troy of Scotland Yard returns in “one of the best thrillers of the year” (Marilyn Stasio, The New York Times Book Review).   Spanning the tumultuous years 1934 to 1948, John Lawton’s A Lily of the Field is a brilliant historical thriller from a master of the form. The book follows two characters—Méret Voytek, a talented young cellist living … Read More

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Grocery: The Buying and Selling of Food in America

by Michael Ruhlman  

The New York Times–bestselling author “digs deep into the world of how we shop and how we eat. It’s a marvelous, smart, revealing work” (Susan Orlean, #1 bestselling author). In a culture obsessed with food—how it looks, what it tastes like, where it comes from, what is good for us—there are often more questions than answers. Ruhlman proposes that the … Read More

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The Magician’s Daughter

by H. G. Parry  

“That most rare and precious thing: a brand-new classic, both wholly original and wonderfully nostalgic.”  —Alix E. Harrow, New York Times bestselling author In the early 1900s, a young woman is caught between two worlds in H. G. Parry’s cozy tale of magic, miracles, and an adventure of a lifetime. Off the coast of Ireland sits a legendary island hidden by magic. A … Read More

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The Candy Shop War

by Brandon Mull  

Welcome to the Sweet Tooth Ice Cream & Candy Shoppe, where the confections are a bit on the . . . unusual side. Rock candy that makes you weightless. Jawbreakers that make you unbreakable. Chocolate balls that make you a master of disguise. Four young friends &dmash; Nate, Summer, Trevor, and Pigeon &dmash; meet the grandmotherly Mrs. White, owner of … Read More

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The Dragonback Series Books 4–6: Dragon and Herdsman, Dragon and Judge, Dragon and Liberator

by Timothy Zahn  

The final three novels in the Dragonback sci-fi saga from the #1 New York Times–bestselling and Hugo Award–winning author of Star Wars: Thrawn—“Enthralling” (Science Fiction Chronicle).   Young fugitive Jack Morgan and alien K’da warrior Draycos are inseparable—quite literally. They’ve been together since a desperate Draycos was forced to bond with Jack as his host in order to survive. Now … Read More

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The End of Mr. Y: A Novel

by Scarlett Thomas  

A cursed book sends a young woman on a philosophical journey through an alternate dimension in this “stylish and dizzying” novel by the author of PopCo (The New York Times).   Graduate student Ariel Manto has a fascination with nineteenth-century scientists—especially Thomas Lumas, the mysterious author of The End of Mr. Y, a book no one alive has read. When she uncovers a … Read More

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The Red Car: A Novel

by Marcy Dermansky  

Named one of the Best Books of the Year by Buzzfeed, Huffington Post, San Francisco Chronicle, and Library Journal “Sharp and fiery…. There is, now, a literary term for a book you can’t stop reading…. It is The Red Car.” —New York Times Book Review In her “dry, delightful fairy tale for grown-ups” (People), celebrated novelist Marcy Dermansky offers a … Read More

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Manhattan Transfer: A Novel

by John Dos Passos  

This novel by the author of the U.S.A. Trilogy offers an “expressionistic picture of New York” in the 1920s (The New York Times).   Much like the vivid experience of riding the city’s mass transit system, Manhattan Transfer introduces us to a large and diverse cast of characters—from wealthy power brokers to struggling immigrants—and paints a portrait of this place and … Read More

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Blue Asylum: A Novel

by Kathy Hepinstall  

A woman falls in love with a wounded Civil War solider in this “fine novel embroidered with rich imagery”about the line between sanity and madness (Kirkus Reviews).   When Virginia plantation wife Iris Dunleavy is put on trial and convicted of madness, she knows the real criminal is her husband. After all, the only thing she’s guilty of is disagreeing … Read More

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Traction: How Any Startup Can Achieve Explosive Customer Growth

by Gabriel Weinberg  

Most startups don’t fail because they can’t build a product. Most startups fail because they can’t get traction.  Startup advice tends to be a lot of platitudes repackaged with new buzzwords, but Traction is something else entirely.   As Gabriel Weinberg and Justin Mares learned from their own experiences, building a successful company is hard. For every startup that grows … Read More

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My Summer Darlings

by May Cobb  

As seen on the TODAY show as “a perfect beach read.” Three lifelong friends plus a dangerous, sexy new stranger in town add up to a scorching summer of manipulation, obsession, and murder, from the acclaimed author of The Hunting Wives.                  A woman in the forest thinks she’s going to die.       … Read More

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Paris Is Always a Good Idea

by Jenn McKinlay  

One of Popsugar’s Best New Books for Summer 2020 A thirty-year-old woman retraces her gap year through Ireland, France, and Italy to find love—and herself—in this hilarious and heartfelt novel. It’s been seven years since Chelsea Martin embarked on her yearlong postcollege European adventure. Since then, she’s lost her mother to cancer and watched her sister marry twice, while Chelsea’s … Read More

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