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The Boardwalk Bookshop: A 2022 Beach Read

by Susan Mallery  

AN INSTANT NEW YORK TIMES AND USA TODAY BESTSELLER! “A book begging to be read on the beach, with the sun warming the sand and salt in the air: pure escapism.”—Kirkus From #1 New York Times bestselling author Susan Mallery comes a book-about-books story of friends who become family, giving each other courage to start over. When fate brings three strangers … Read More

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A Fresh Start In Holly Blue Bay (A Holly Blue Bay Romance Book 1)

by Cathy Blossom  

Welcome to the picturesque seaside town of Holly Blue Bay, where love blossoms in the most unusual of places. Daisy Clarke arrives in Holly Blue Bay at the request of the town’s mayor. The mayor wants Daisy to perform a marketing miracle on the town, and to increase the visitor numbers too. The town holds a special place in Daisy’s … Read More

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Elizabeth and the Clan of Dragons: a Wolf, Dragon Shifter Series (Fated Alpha Book 1)

by Ava Mason  

A female Wolf in danger. Four Possessive Dragons determined to protect her. A paranormal romance. Series is complete. Elizabeth is certain she’s not meant to rule the Southeastern White Tooth Pack. Since birth, she’s been told she was the wolf pack’s fated leader. She is, after all, the first-born of the pack Alpha. But how can she lead them if … Read More

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Dangerous Magic: A Pride & Prejudice Fantasy Variation (Mr. Darcy’s Magic Book 1)

by Monica Fairview  

Pride & Prejudice with a magical twist. Elizabeth Bennet is stunned when someone from the Royal Mage Academy comes to her peaceful country home to take her away. She is even more bewildered when she is commanded to marry a powerful gentleman by the name of Fitzwilliam Darcy. She has always dreamed of marrying for love, and an arranged marriage … Read More

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Subversive (Clandestine Magic Book 1)

by Colleen Cowley  

A wizard. An unwilling assistant. An explosive secret. In an America controlled by wizards and 100 years behind on women’s rights, Beatrix Harper counts herself among the resistance—the Women’s League for the Prohibition of Magic. Then Peter Blackwell, the only wizard her town has ever produced, unexpectedly returns home and presses her into service as his assistant. Beatrix fears he … Read More

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Mr. Darcy’s Enchantment: A Pride & Prejudice Variation

by Abigail Reynolds  

In a Regency England where magic and faeries are real… Fitzwilliam Darcy is a powerful magician who controls fire, water, and wind. What he cannot control is his growing feelings for Miss Elizabeth Bennet. Elizabeth’s sentiments towards Darcy are quite different. She detests his arrogance, and she fears he will expose her use of forbidden magic – forbidden to women, … Read More

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Ruined Mate (Shadow City: Demon Wolf Book 1)

by Jen L. Grey  

Some things are better left forgotten. Dreams taunt me, filling me with questions even more so than the supernatural world I’d only just learned about. Making matters worse, a vampire attacked me while I was alone in the middle of the night. Death was imminent until a silver wolf saved me. A silver wolf who shifted into the most gorgeous … Read More

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Mighty Quill: An MM Paranormal Shifter Romance (Sanguis Et Fauna Book 1)

by Emmaline Strange  

Cassian Rhodes is just a normal guy going through normal college stuff: Weird roommate? Check. Panic over grades? Check. Sexuality Crisis? Uh… Falling for your roommate? Hold on… Finding out your new BF’s family is magic? Wait, WTF!? MIGHTY QUILL is a roommates to idiots to lovers, bi awakening, paranormal shifter romance. Lots of steam, fluff & magic goodness. Author’s … Read More

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The Auschwitz Protocol (The Sikora Files Book 1)

by Jack Carnegie  

Retired US Detective Emil Janowitz lied to his wife for nearly forty years. Having lost his entire family whilst an inmate of Auschwitz-Birkenau it was simply easier on his soul to invent a past than face up to the demons buried deep inside. Life was good, but then the mail arrived bringing a letter which would result in a voyage … Read More

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Food Truck Business 2022: A Practical Guide With All the Common Mistakes You Can Avoid With a Step-By-Step System. Everything You Need to Build a Food Truck Business and Sell Up to $3000 a Day


⭐ Do you want to start your own food truck business and earn up to $3000 per day? ⭐ Then keep on reading…! Want to find the best foods for your customers? Looking for the business plan, tips and tricks to start a food truck business? This book is the most comprehensive food truck guide you will ever find. In … Read More

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Captain of My Heart (Officers and Gentlemen Book 1)

by Danelle Harmon  

He wanted no woman, except one made of sails and wood and wind … Handsome, wily Irish privateer Captain Brendan Jay Merrick is running from a painful past — and fighting for a new nation’s future when he arrives in the colonial town of Newburyport, Massachusetts, with plans for shipwright Ephraim Ashton to build his magnificent new schooner. Brendan’s daring … Read More

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Where I Belong: A Best Friend’s Older Brother Romance (Alabama Summer Book 1)

by J. Daniels  

A New York Times bestselling enemies to lovers STANDALONE romance. When Mia Corelli returns to Alabama for a summer of fun with her childhood best friend, Tessa, there’s only one thing keeping her on edge. One person that she’d do anything to avoid. Benjamin Kelly. World’s biggest dickhead. Mia hates him with a fury and has no desire to ever … Read More

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If Angels Fall (Tom Reed Series Book 1)

by Rick Mofina  

Author Rick Mofina’s novels have been praised by: James Patterson · Dean Koontz · Michael Connelly · Lee Child · Tess Gerritsen Jeffery Deaver · Louise Penny · Sandra Brown · James Rollins · Brad Thor “Mofina is one of the best thriller writers in the business” —Library Journal When a child goes missing at a San Francisco subway station, … Read More

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Loki: Where Mischief Lies (Marvel Rebels & Renegades Book 1)

by Mackenzi Lee  

An epic tale across the realms. A deadly power that spans millennia. A story of struggle and betrayal, this adventure is told through the patchwork past of Marvel’s most misunderstood mischief-maker of all time: Loki: Trickster. God of Asgard. Brother. This is the first of three young adult novels from New York Times best-selling author Mackenzi Lee that explores the … Read More

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A Closed and Common Orbit (Wayfarers Book 2)

by Becky Chambers  

National Bestseller! Winner of the Hugo Award for Best Series! A Publishers Weekly “Best Books of 2017” pick! Nominated for the 2017 Hugo Award for Best Novel! Shortlisted for the 2017 Arthur C. Clarke Award! Winner of the Prix Julia-Verlanger! Embark on an exciting, adventurous, and dangerous journey through the galaxy with the motley crew of the spaceship Wayfarer in … Read More

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Glucose Revolution: The Life-Changing Power of Balancing Your Blood Sugar

by Jessie Inchauspe  

USA TODAY BESTSELLER * WALL STREET JOURNAL BESTSELLER * INSTANT INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLER Improve all areas of your health—your sleep, cravings, mood, energy, skin, weight—and even slow down aging with easy, science-based hacks to manage your blood sugar while still eating the foods you love. Glucose, or blood sugar, is a tiny molecule in our body that has a huge impact … Read More

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A Heart That Works

by Rob Delaney  

New York Times bestseller * The New Yorker Best Books of 2022 * Entertainment Weekly Best Books of 2022 * USA Today Best Books of 2022 * Time 100 Must-Read Books of 2022 * Mother Jones Books We Needed in 2022 * People Fall Must Read * 2022 BuzzFeed Fall Reading pick A visceral and deeply personal memoir by the star of the Amazon Prime series Catastrophe, about love, loss, and fatherhood. In 2016, Rob Delaney’s one-year-old … Read More

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The Field: The Quest for the Secret Force of the Universe

by Lynne McTaggart  

“A big, bold, brilliantly crafted page-turner with HUGE ideas that challenge every last view about how the world works. This is both a primer to understand the law of attraction and the essential book of our age.”  — Jack Canfield, author of The Success Principles(TM) and featured teacher on The Secret(TM) “One of the most powerful and enlightening books I have ever … Read More

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The Sentence

by Louise Erdrich  

“Dazzling. . . . A hard-won love letter to readers and to booksellers, as well as a compelling story about how we cope with pain and fear, injustice and illness. One good way is to press a beloved book into another’s hands. Read The Sentence and then do just that.”—USA Today, Four Stars In this New York Times bestselling novel, … Read More

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The Mastery of Love: A Practical Guide to the Art of Relationship (A Toltec Wisdom Book)

by Don Miguel Ruiz  

From the international bestselling author of “The Four Agreements” In “The Mastery of Love,” Don Miguel Ruiz illuminates the fear-based beliefs and assumptions that undermine love and lead to suffering and drama in our relationships. Using insightful stories to bring his message to life, Ruiz shows us how to heal our emotional wounds, recover the freedom and joy that are … Read More

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The Sentence Is Death: A Novel (A Hawthorne and Horowitz Mystery Book 2)

by Anthony Horowitz  

Death, deception, and a detective with quite a lot to hide stalk the pages of Anthony Horowitz’s brilliant murder mystery, the second in the bestselling series starring Private Investigator Daniel Hawthorne. “You shouldn’t be here. It’s too late . . . “ These, heard over the phone, were the last recorded words of successful celebrity-divorce lawyer Richard Pryce, found bludgeoned … Read More

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Five Decembers

by James Kestrel  

Winner of the 2022 Edgar Award for Best Novel   “War, imprisonment, torture, romance…The novel has an almost operatic symmetry, and Kestrel turns a beautiful phrase.” New York Times   Five Decembers is a gripping thriller, a staggering portrait of war, and a heartbreaking love story, as unforgettable as All the Light We Cannot See. nominated for Best Novel in … Read More

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Final Bearing (The Hunter Killer Series Book 1)

by George Wallace  

From the authors of the novel Hunter Killer, now a major motion picture starring Gerard Butler and Gary Oldman. “This team spins a great tale.” —W.E.B. Griffin Commander Jonathan Ward and his crew on the old attack sub Spadefish are on one last mission. A US Navy SEAL team is inserted into South America. Their orders are to destroy the … Read More

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The Seagull: A Vera Stanhope Mystery

by Ann Cleeves  

From Ann Cleeves—New York Times bestselling and award-winning author of the Vera and Shetland series, both of which are hit TV shows—comes The Seagull. “I loved The Seagull — quite simply it reminds me why Ann Cleeves is one of my favorite mystery writers! -Louise Penny A visit to her local prison brings DI Vera Stanhope face to face with … Read More

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Holistic Tarot: An Integrative Approach to Using Tarot for Personal Growth

by Benebell Wen  

Designed for beginning as well as experienced tarot readers, Holistic Tarot offers a fresh and easy-to-follow approach to the use of the tarot deck for tapping into subconscious knowledge and creativity. The tarot deck has been used as a divination tool for more than two centuries; while the tarot is still most commonly thought of as “fortune telling,” the true … Read More

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The Beauty of Darkness: The Remnant Chronicles, Book Three

by Mary E. Pearson  

The third and final book in the New York Times-bestselling Remnant Chronicles. Lia has survived Venda—but so has a great evil bent on the destruction of Morrighan. And only Lia can stop it. With war on the horizon, Lia has no choice but to assume her role as First Daughter, as soldier—as leader. While she struggles to reach Morrighan and … Read More

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Forgiving What You Can’t Forget: Discover How to Move On, Make Peace with Painful Memories, and Create a Life That’s Beautiful Again

by Lysa TerKeurst  

*#1 New York Times Bestseller* You deserve to stop suffering because of what other people have done to you. Have you ever felt stuck in a cycle of unresolved pain, playing offenses over and over in your mind? You know you can’t go on like this, but you don’t know what to do next. Lysa TerKeurst has wrestled through this … Read More

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The Last Runaway: A Novel

by Tracy Chevalier  

New York Times bestselling author of Girl With a Pearl Earring and At the Edge of the Orchard Tracy Chevalier makes her first fictional foray into the American past in The Last Runaway, bringing to life the Underground Railroad and illuminating the principles, passions and realities that fueled this extraordinary freedom movement.  Honor Bright, a modest English Quaker, moves to Ohio in 1850–only to … Read More

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Don’t Give the Enemy a Seat at Your Table: It’s Time to Win the Battle of Your Mind…

by Louie Giglio  

Publishers Weekly bestseller Discover how to break free from the chains of negative thinking and experience true freedom from unhealthy thoughts and emotions.  The Enemy is constantly seeking to fill your mind with destructive and harmful thoughts—whether of fear, worry, insecurity, anxiety, temptation, envy. . . . It’s all too easy for Satan to manipulate his way into a seat … Read More

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The Reversal (A Lincoln Lawyer Novel Book 3)

by Michael Connelly  

Longtime defense attorney Mickey Haller is recruited to change stripes and prosecute the high-profile retrial of a brutal child murder. After 24 years in prison, convicted killer Jason Jessup has been exonerated by new DNA evidence. Haller is convinced Jessup is guilty, and he takes the case on the condition that he gets to choose his investigator, LAPD Detective Harry … Read More

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