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From Lukov with Love

by Mariana Zapata  

If someone were to ask Jasmine Santos to describe the last few years of her life with a single word, it would definitely be a four-letter one. After seventeen years—and countless broken bones and broken promises—she knows her window to compete in figure skating is coming to a close. But when the offer of a lifetime comes in from an … Read More

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Lock & West

by Alexander C. Eberhart  

Note to self: Just don’t be weird. Lock is awkward. He can’t make eye contact, counts when he’s nervous, and has to remind himself several times a day how “normal” teens behave. Homeschooled most of his life, he’s resigned himself to a friendless existence at his new Atlanta high school. Until he meets West. List of reasons why my life … Read More

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The Man in the Tent: My Life under Canvas – The First Four Years

by Tony Beardsall  

THE MAN IN THE TENT is Tony Beardsall’s lively, informative account of his life since moving under canvas at the age of fifty-one. In this volume he relates the first four years of his outdoor odyssey, from his initial escapist trips, through his gradual move towards full-time outdoor living, to his decision to put the harsh British winters behind him … Read More

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The Sleeping Truth – A Psychological Thriller : (Book Two)


BOOK TWO of a Two Part Series- BOOK ONE is currently FREE, so download it now! An extraordinary tale of love, trust and betrayal. It will make you think. And it will make you cry. What if you found out that your whole life had been a lie? Or that nothing you had based your life upon was real? Was … Read More

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Don’t Murder Me: A Dark Thriller

by John Meany  

The year is 2001. On her way out of work on a frigid October night, two inebriated thugs assault pregnant Ashley Ferguson as she goes to get in her car. She is knocked unconscious and is taken to the field behind the shopping center where 23-year-old Ashley is brutally raped. This horrifying event devastates her emotionally, not only for obvious … Read More

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Fried Chicken and Gravy: Inspirational Romance (Fried Chicken Series Book 1)

by Sherri Schoenborn Murray  

Missy may have a knack for fixing cars, but she sure can’t cook. Missy Stuart is humiliated when she burns dinner for the cute, yet outspoken new auto parts rep. But, when he suggests to her father that she should take cooking lessons from the old ladies down at his church, she wants to crawl under a car and die. … Read More

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Jurassic Dead

by Rick Chesler  

An Antarctic research team hoping to study microbial organisms in an underground lake discovers something far more amazing: perfectly preserved dinosaur corpses. After one thaws and wakes ravenously hungry, it becomes apparent that death, like life, will find a way. Environmental activist Alex Ramirez, son of the expedition’s paleontologist, came to Antarctica to defend the organisms from extinction, but soon … Read More

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PRIMAL Vengeance (A PRIMAL Action Thriller Book 3) (The PRIMAL Series)

by Jack Silkstone  

In war torn South Sudan the Dinka tribe is waging a desperate war for a better future. Fighting for its oil-rich land against an invasion of murderous Arab militias, it’s only when PRIMAL intervenes that the Dinka have a chance for survival. Teaming up with Jonjo, a teenage warrior, and Garang, an American-educated veteran, they train and equip the ragtag … Read More

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Raine Falling: Hells Saints MC Series

by Paula Marinaro  

After a lifetime of uncertainty, Raine Winston shouldn’t be fazed by anything anymore. But she’s terrified. Terrified that her wayward sister, Claire, has gotten into debt dangerously over her head. Terrified that a muscle-clad biker named Diego doesn’t want payment with money—he wants much more. And terrified of the dizzying desire she feels whenever Diego touches her… Diego Montesalto spends … Read More

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The Grulla Paint Murders: A Sheriff Evan Coleman novel (Evan Coleman, Sheriff of Saguaro County Book 1)

by David Huebner  

Ben Pike, Saguaro County’s most notorious citizen has been brutally murdered. Deputy Evan Coleman of the Saguaro Sheriff’s Department finds him at his hunting camp in the mountains adjacent to his ranch. Puzzled by the circumstances and condition of the body, Evan calls the Colorado CSI. Led by Doctor Cheree Nicoletti, investigators join Evan at the remote mountain crime scene … Read More

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Elven Doom (Death Before Dragons Book 4)

by Lindsay Buroker  

Dragons make life complicated. Extremely complicated. After returning from Idaho, I was hoping to have time to figure things out with Zav—also known as Lord Zavryd, the dragon who claimed me as his mate without asking—but the dark elves are up to their old tricks again. Actually, they’re up to far more deadly tricks, using more powerful magic than I … Read More

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The Grey Horse

by R. A. MacAvoy  

“No fantasy writer working today has a defter touch with Irish magic” (Morgan Llywelyn, author of Lion of Ireland). Set against the colorful and magical backdrop of Ireland, The Grey Horse chronicles a time when the Irish people suffered under harsh English overlords who sought to destroy their culture and way of life. In the Irish town of Carraroe, a magnificent, completely … Read More

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One Last Dance

by Eileen Goudge  

New York Times–bestselling author:Three sisters come home for their parents’ anniversary to find their father dead—and their mother accused of murder . . .  Each of Lydia Seagrave’s daughters is unhappy in her own way. Although a successful novelist, Daphne is professionally stunted and bored with her doctor husband. Her sister Kitty, the owner of a small California tea room, feels empty without … Read More

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The Old Ball Game: How John McGraw, Christy Mathewson, and the New York Giants Created Modern Baseball

by Frank Deford  

The legendary NPR sports commentator and Sports Illustrated journalist retells the story of an unusual friendship between two towering figures in baseball history.   At the turn of the twentieth century, Christy Mathewson was one of baseball’s first superstars. Over six feet tall, clean cut, and college educated, he didn’t pitch on the Sabbath and rarely spoke an ill word … Read More

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The Night of the Triffids

by Simon Clark  

A sequel to John Wyndham’s post-apocalyptic horror classic The Day of the Triffids: “An action-filled tale that captures the spirit of the original story” (Library Journal).   Winner of the British Fantasy Award for Best Novel   In The Day of the Triffids, Bill Masen escapes with his family to a colony on the Isle of Wight after a meteor … Read More

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Kings of Ash (Ash and Sand Book 2)

by Richard Nell  

The much anticipated continuation of the Ash and Sand trilogy… Follow the long, bloody journey of Ruka, son of Beyla through the islands of Pyu and the frozen wastes of the Ascom; see the return home of Ratama Kale Alaku, the ‘Sorcerer-Prince’, and the terrifying rise of his ‘miracles’. Before the end, a shocking history will unravel, ancient connections unfold, … Read More

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Proust Was a Neuroscientist

by Jonah Lehrer  

The New York Times–bestselling author provides an “entertaining” look at how artists enlighten us about the workings of the brain (New York magazine).   In this book, the author of How We Decide and Imagine: How Creativity Works “writes skillfully and coherently about both art and science”—and about the connections between the two (Entertainment Weekly).   In this technology-driven age, … Read More

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An Introduction to Zen Buddhism


The highly influential book that helped bring Eastern spiritual principles to the Western world.   One of the world’s leading authorities on Zen Buddhism, and a Nobel Peace Prize nominee, D. T. Suzuki was the author of more than a hundred works on the subject in both Japanese and English, and was most instrumental in bringing the teachings of Zen Buddhism … Read More

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The Heart of the Plate: Vegetarian Recipes for a New Generation

by Mollie Katzen  

Delightfully unfussy meatless meals from the author of Moosewood Cookbook!   With The Moosewood Cookbook, Mollie Katzen changed the way a generation cooked and brought vegetarian cuisine into the mainstream. In The Heart of the Plate, she completely reinvents the vegetarian repertoire, unveiling a collection of beautiful, healthful, and unfussy dishes—her “absolutely most loved.” Her new cuisine is light, sharp, … Read More

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The Conference of the Birds (Miss Peregrine’s Peculiar Children Book 5)

by Ransom Riggs  

With enemies behind him and the unknown ahead, Jacob Portman’s story continues as he takes a brave leap forward into The Conference of the Birds, the fifth novel in the #1 bestselling Miss Peregrine’s Peculiar Children series by Ransom Riggs. With his dying words, H—Jacob Portman’s final connection to his grandfather Abe’s secret life entrusts Jacob with a mission: Deliver newly … Read More

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One Child: The Story of China’s Most Radical Experiment

by Mei Fong  

A Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist offers an intimate investigation of China’s one-child policy and its consequences for families and the nation at large. For over three decades, China exercised unprecedented control over the reproductive habits of its billion citizens. Now, with its economy faltering just as it seemed poised to become the largest in the world, the Chinese government has brought … Read More

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Good Kings Bad Kings: A Novel

by Susan Nussbaum  

This PEN/Bellwether Prize–winning novel set in a state-run facility for disabled teenagers is “saucy, brutally funny, gritty, profane, poignant and real” (The Kansas City Star). Playwright and activist Susan Nussbaum’s powerful debut novel invites us into the lives of a group of typical teenagers—alienated, funny, yearning for autonomy—except that they live in an institution for juveniles with disabilities. This unfamiliar, … Read More

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100 Simple Things You Can Do to Prevent Alzheimer’s and Age-Related Memory Loss

by Jean Carper  

The #1 New York Times–bestselling author “gives readers of all ages 100 doable strategies for keeping brains sharp and bodies healthy” (William Sears, MD, coauthor of The Healthy Brain Book). Most people think there is little or nothing you can do to avoid Alzheimer’s. But scientists know this is no longer true. In fact, prominent researchers now say that our … Read More

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City of Night

by John Rechy  

The cult classic novel from “one of the few major American writers whose life is as interesting, and meaningful, as his work” (Michael Cunningham).   When John Rechy’s explosive first book appeared in 1963, it marked a radical departure from all other stories of its kind, and gave voice to a subculture that had never before been revealed with such … Read More

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The Store

by Bentley Little  

‘‘If there’s a better horror novelist than Bentley Little working today, I don’t know who it is. The Store is…frightening. The perfect summer read.’’—Los Angeles Times   Juniper, Arizona, is an off-the-map desert town the retail giant called The Store has chosen for its new location. Now everything you could possibly want is under one roof, at unbelievable prices. But … Read More

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Even This I Get to Experience


“This is, flat out, one of the best Hollywood memoirs ever written… An absolute treasure.” –Booklist (STARRED) In my ninety-plus years I’ve lived a multitude of lives. In the course of all these lives, I had a front-row seat at the birth of television; wrote, produced, created, or developed more than a hundred shows; had nine on the air at … Read More

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Underwater Welder

by Jeff Lemire  

Pressure. As an underwater welder on an oilrig off the coast of Nova Scotia, Jack Joseph is used to the immense pressures of deep-sea work. Nothing, however, could prepare him for the pressures of impending fatherhood. As Jack dives deeper and deeper, he seems to pull further and further away from his young wife, and their unborn son. But then, … Read More

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