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The Space Between Worlds

by Micaiah Johnson  

NEW YORK TIMES BOOK REVIEW EDITORS’ CHOICE • An outsider who can travel between worlds discovers a secret that threatens the very fabric of the multiverse in this stunning debut, a powerful examination of identity, privilege, and belonging. “Gorgeous writing, mind-bending world-building, razor-sharp social commentary, and a main character who demands your attention—and your allegiance.”—Rob Hart, author of The Warehouse NAMED ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS … Read More

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Witness Protection

by Holly Copella  

"Witness Protection" – Book One "Witness Protection 2 – The Return of Whiskey Tango Foxtrot" – Book Two "Witness Protection 3 – Alpha Mike Foxtrot" – Book Three "Witness Protection 4 – O-Dark-Hundred" – Book Four "Witness Protection 5 – Outside the Wire" – Book Five "Witness Protection 6 – Alpha Dogs" – Book Six "Witness Protection 7 – Bravo … Read More

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Love at Sunset Lake (The Abundance Series Book 1)

by Sally Bayless  

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A caterer who’s been burned by love. An artist who’s withdrawn from the world. A property battle that just might heal them both. When struggling caterer Tess Palmer inherits her great-aunt’s home at Sunset Lake, Missouri, she thinks she’s found the way to save her business. Selling the property can provide just the infusion of capital she needs to pay … Read More

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Dragon Souls Box Set (Books 1-2: Broken Souls Series)—Dragon Shifter Paranormal Romance

by Alisa Woods  

**LIMITED TIME BOX SET** of the first TWO books from the Broken Souls SeriesShe’s stumbled into a lair of desperate dragons—and she’s just the thing they need.I really messed this up. Pinned to the floor by a billionaire playboy, caught stealing files from his computer. “I’m trying to decide whether to kiss you or lock you up,” he says. “Kiss … Read More

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Emerge (Evolve Series #1)

by S.E. Hall  

"You never have to be without me, Laney, never." Evan’s words- Evan’s lies- rang hollow in my head as I left for college. And though change is an inevitable, scary part of life, just lying in wait around the corners and milestones you thought you had a lock on, there’s no way I could’ve known just how much change, that would never … Read More

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The Runaway Breeder

by Alana Dyer  

[Message From The Author: Please note that I wrote this book intending to pass on knowledge that different cultures have different rules and that "Grooming" can happen to any minor. Being as this is a werewolf novel keep in mind in this setting, most werewolves are considered "Adults" when the werewolf can shift for the first time at 16 years … Read More

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The Widow Makers: Historical Fiction

by Jean Mead  

Mead’s novel The Widow Makers is inspiring reading; a classic tale, full of all the ingredients which make for the finest novels. Based in the mid-19th century, it tells the story of the young Standish family, who move from the coalfields of Lancashire to the slate quarries of North Wales. The eldest Standish boy is something of a changeling; he … Read More

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The Auriga Project (Translocator Trilogy Book 1)

by M.G. Herron  

Hurled into the great unknownRipped from Earth and transported to a strange new world, archaeologist Eliana Fisk is taken captive by the leaders of a native tribe.What do they want with her? She’s not sure, but they don’t seem friendly.When she discovers evidence of an ancient sacrificial ritual, Eliana fears she’ll be next. Can she avoid becoming an offering to … Read More

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Her Vampire Prince (Midnight Doms)

by Ines Johnson  

Cari How hard is it to die? Don’t ask me. I’ve been failing at it for a year. My father lost his life in a fatal car wreck while I walked away without a scratch. Now I taunt that bastard Death on a daily basis. Volcano hopping. Street racing. Skydiving. But then Death comes for me.Hadrian For centuries, I’ve been … Read More

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Accusing Elizabeth: A Pride & Prejudice Variation (Mysteries & Matrimony Book 1)

by Jennifer Joy  

Misunderstandings pull them apart. One crime brings them together.Had Elizabeth Bennet known what awaited her at Rosings Park, she never would have agreed to visit. An atrocious proposal, the constant condescension of her hosts’ haughty patroness , and an unsavory debt collector prowling about are only the beginning of her problems when a lady’s diamond earrings go missing. Fitzwilliam Darcy … Read More

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War Hero: The Unlikely Story of A Stray Dog, An American Soldier and the Battle of Their Lives (Kindle Single)

by Stephan Talty  

The dramatic and heartfelt story of the Great War’s most unlikely hero – a Parisian stray dog named Rags.On a July evening in 1918, four brutal years into World War I, a young American soldier, private James Donovan, stumbled on a pile of rags while lost on the pitch-black the streets of Paris. Unbeknownst to Donovan, the little terrier he … Read More

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One Way (Sam Archer Book 5)

by Tom Barber  

Praise for One Way: ‘So riveting I read in one sitting. Can’t speak highly enough about this book’ ‘Such a heart stopping, roller coaster ride’ ‘I’d go for ten stars if I could; best of the best’ ‘I was holding my breath for much of this book not knowing what was coming up the next stairwell – what an adrenaline … Read More

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Sargasso of Space (The Solar Queen Series Book 1)

by Andre Norton  

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Stellar exploration—and depredation—in the exciting first novel in the Solar Queen series from a “superb storyteller” (The New York Times).   In the future, venturing out into the stars is more than a way for humanity to chart the cosmos—it’s big business. Every time a new planet is discovered, the highest bidder gets first dibs with exclusive property rights for … Read More

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Dark King (Sea Fae Book 1)

by C.N. Crawford  

A snarky fae, a sexy king, and forbidden desire deep as the sea. The first book in a three-book series.Once, I was a fae princess with sea-magic at my fingertips. Now? I’m a hunted supernatural in a squalid shop, stripped of my power. My only comforts are stale cookies, Elvis records, and my hula-hoop. Until a lethally sexy fae king arrives and … Read More

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The Jack Reacher Cases: Complete Books #1, #2 & #3 (The Jack Reacher Cases Boxset)

by Dan Ames  

A USA TODAY BESTSELLING SERIESThree full-length JACK REACHER Cases Books – Novels #1, #2 & #3Set in the REACHER universe by permission of LEE CHILD.Book One: A HARD MAN TO FORGET. Former FBI agent Lauren Pauling met Jack Reacher in THE HARD WAY, the 10th Jack Reacher novel by Lee Child. Now, Pauling investigates the murder of a man with … Read More

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Blind Your Ponies: A Novel

by Stanley Gordon West  

“Uplifting story about the triumph of human decency . . . Sure to be enjoyed by those who fondly recall another David vs. Goliath roundball yarn—Hoosiers” (Publishers Weekly).Sam Pickett never expected to settle in this dried-up shell of a town on the western edge of the world. He’s come here to hide from the violence and madness that have shattered his life, but … Read More

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Triangle: The Fire That Changed America

by Dave Von Drehle  

This “outstanding history” of the 1911 disaster that changed the course of 20th-century politics and labor relations “is social history at its best” (Kevin Baker, The New York Times Book Review).New York City, 1911. As the workday was about to end, a fire broke out in the Triangle shirtwaist factory of Greenwich Village. Within minutes it consumed the building’s upper three … Read More

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The Girl Who Knew Too Much

by Amanda Quick  

In 1930s California, glamour and seduction spawn a multitude of sins in this New York Times bestseller from the author of Tightrope.   At the exclusive Burning Cove Hotel on the coast of California, rookie reporter Irene Glasson finds herself staring down at a beautiful actress at the bottom of a pool….   The dead woman had something Irene wanted: … Read More

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Wicked Ride (Realm Enforcers Book 1)

by Rebecca Zanetti  

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A Irish biker joins up with a sexy cop get to take down a drug ring in this paranormal romance by the New York Times–bestselling author of the Deep Ops series. If you love the Dark Protectors, these wicked hot Realm Enforcers are for you! Alexandra Monzelle is a hard-fighting, heat-packing Seattle vice cop, and she’s not much interested in being … Read More

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The Finish: The Killing of Osama bin Laden

by Mark Bowden  

New York Times bestseller: The true behind-the-scenes story of the manhunt for the 9/11 mastermind is “a page-turner” (Minneapolis Star-Tribune).   From the author of Black Hawk Down and Hue 1968, this is a gripping account of the hunt for Osama bin Laden. With access to key sources, Mark Bowden takes us inside the rooms where decisions were made and … Read More

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Michelangelo and the Pope’s Ceiling

by Ross King  

From the acclaimed author of Brunelleschi's Dome and Leonardo and the Last Supper, the riveting story of how Michelangelo, against all odds, created the masterpiece that has ever since adorned the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.In 1508, despite strong advice to the contrary, the powerful Pope Julius II commissioned Michelangelo Buonarroti to paint the ceiling of the newly restored Sistine … Read More

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The Six Wives of Henry VIII

by Alison Weir  

A “brilliantly written and meticulously researched” biography of royal family life during England’s second Tudor monarch (San Francisco Chronicle).   Either annulled, executed, died in childbirth, or widowed, these were the well-known fates of the six queens during the tempestuous, bloody, and splendid reign of Henry VIII of England from 1509 to 1547. But in this “exquisite treatment, sure to … Read More

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King Leopold’s Ghost: A Story of Greed, Terror, and Heroism in Colonial Africa

by Adam Hochschild  

 "An enthralling story . . . A work of history that reads like a novel." — Christian Science Monitor “As Hochschild’s brilliant book demonstrates, the great Congo scandal prefigured our own times . . . This book must be read and reread.” — Los Angeles Times Book Review   In the late nineteenth century, as the European powers were carving up Africa, … Read More

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In This House of Brede: A Novel

by Rumer Godden  

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Following World War II, a British widow joins a Benedictine monastery in this poignant New York Times bestseller from the author of Black Narcissus.  For most of her adult life, Philippa Talbot has been a successful British professional. Now in her forties, the World War II–widow has made a startling decision: She’s giving up her civil service career and elite … Read More

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Sophie’s Choice: A Novel

by William Styron  

This award-winning novel of love, survival, and agonizing regret in post–WWII Brooklyn “belongs on that small shelf reserved for American masterpieces” (The Washington Post Book World).  Winner of the National Book Award and a modern classic, Sophie’s Choice centers on three characters: Stingo, a sexually frustrated aspiring novelist; Nathan, his charismatic but violent Jewish neighbor; and Sophie, an Auschwitz survivor … Read More

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Confessions of a Sociopath: A Life Spent Hiding in Plain Sight

by M.E. Thomas  

The memoir of a high-functioning, law-abiding (well, mostly) sociopath and a roadmap—right from the source—for dealing with the sociopath in your life.As M.E. Thomas says of her fellow sociopaths, “We are your neighbors, your coworkers, and quite possibly the people closest to you: lovers, family, friends. Our risk-seeking behavior and general fearlessness are thrilling, our glibness and charm alluring. Our often quick … Read More

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Mediterranean Instant Pot: Easy, Inspired Meals for Eating Well

by America's Test Kitchen  

Bringing together the #1 diet and the #1 most popular kitchen appliance, this Instant Pot-authorized cookbook makes it more convenient than ever to cook the Mediterranean way, incorporating more vegetables, grains, beans, and seafood into your diet, and exploring the healthful, authentic flavors of cuisines ranging from Turkish to North African in everyday one-pot meals. Made in the Instant Pot, … Read More

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