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The Joy of Hate: How to Triumph over Whiners in the Age of Phony Outrage

by Greg Gutfeld  

From the irreverent star of Fox News’s Red Eye and The Five, hilarious observations on the manufactured outrage of an oversensitive, wussified culture. Greg Gutfeld hates artificial tolerance. At the root of every single major political conflict is the annoying coddling Americans must endure of these harebrained liberal hypocrisies. In fact, most of the time liberals uses the mantle of … Read More

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Alien in the Delta

by Thankful Strother  

Grandfather shot the man as he opened the gate to the front yard. The man died on the spot. After killing the man, my grandfather went into hiding for seven years. This event was the legacy left to my father by his father. Would what happened thirty years before my birth have an impact on my life? Alien in the … Read More

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The Void War (Empire Rising Book 1)

by D. J. Holmes  

It’s the year 2465, two hundred years since the stars were opened to humanity by the invention of the shift drive. So began the First Interstellar Expansion Era, catapulting humanity into a deadly race for the limited resources of navigable space. Now tensions between the human nations are threatening to boil over into open hostility. Into this maelstrom steps the … Read More

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by nayyirah waheed  

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4. –This text refers to the Paperback edition.

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Pretend To Be Mine

by Carter Blake  

The moment Brooklyn Walsh walked into my office I wanted her. No, scratch that, I wanted to f*ck her. To pull up that tight little skirt she was wearing, bend her over my desk, and make her mine. But damn if it doesn’t go against my one and only rule – never mix business with pleasure. She looks at me … Read More

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Recoil (Recoil Trilogy Book 1)

by Joanne Macgregor  

"Best of the genre. A lot of reviews note that this series is part of the genre inhabited by The Hunger Games and Divergent. This series, though, is superior – with much better character development. " – Amazon reviewer What if the game you’re playing … is real?Three years after a series of terrorist attacks flooded the US with a … Read More

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Wolves and Daggers: A Steampunk Fairy Tale (Steampunk Red Riding Hood Book 1)

by Melanie Karsak  

Best Steampunk Novel of 2018! Critters/Preditors & Editors Reader's Poll Who's afraid of the big, bad werewolf? When London's brightest tinkers and alchemists come up missing, Red Cape Society Agent Clemeny Louvel is on the case. To help Clemeny get the problem in hand, Queen Victoria assigns her a temporary partner–a werewolf with a knightly history and a tendency to … Read More

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Tainted Love: A gripping psychological thriller (Behind Closed Doors Book 1)

by Erin Cawood  

A gripping psychological thriller. A ‘Best Contemporary Fiction’ Finalist – Orangeberry’s Hall of Fame 2013 "So bone-chilling honest that it had me quite emotional" – Reading in Black & White "Incredible…Cawood’s book tore me apart, and I couldn’t put it down." – Samantha Stroh Bailey *** Does the perfect wife and the perfect husband make for the perfect marriage? For … Read More

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The Sister: A gripping crime, mystery and suspense thriller

by Max China  

CORNWALL, ENGLAND. In the summer of love, 1967, two children witness a murder. One, a seven-year-old boy, views it from fifty yards – the other, a young Irish girl, from miles away. LONDON, 2006. With retirement looming, DCI John Kennedy reopens the only case he never solved: the disappearance of a young nurse, Kathy, twenty-three years earlier. A Crimewatch cold-case … Read More

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White Spirit (A novel based on a true story)

by Lance Morcan  

Based on the remarkable true story of Irish convict John Graham, WHITE SPIRIT is an epic historical adventure set in 19th Century Australia. After escaping from the notorious Moreton Bay Penal Settlement, Graham finds refuge with the Kabi, a tribe of Aborigines who eventually accept him as one of their own. Attempts to recapture Graham are orchestrated by a variety … Read More

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Last To Know (Willow Creek Book 1)

by Micalea Smeltzer  

He was just a boy.And I was just a girl.But if that’s all there was to the story it wouldn’t be very interesting, would it? Up and coming band Willow Creek is back in their hometown for the summer. For the drummer, Maddox Wade, this summer was meant for writing music and playing gigs. Falling in love was not part … Read More

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Esther (A Dangerous Beauty Novel Book #1): Royal Beauty

by Angela Hunt  

When an ambitious tyrant threatens genocide against the Jews, an inexperienced young queen must take a stand for her people. When Xerxes, king of Persia, issues a call for beautiful young women, Hadassah, a Jewish orphan living in Susa, is forcibly taken to the palace of the pagan ruler. After months of preparation, the girl known to the Persians as … Read More

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First Year (The Black Mage Book 1)

by Rachel E. Carter  

Magic. Romance. War. Perfect for fans of Throne of Glass, Falling Kingdoms, and Tamora Pierce. Before the age of seventeen, the young men and women of Jerar are given a choice –pursue a trade or enroll in a trial year in one of the realm’s three war schools to study as a soldier, knight, or mage… For fifteen-year-old Ryiah, the … Read More

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Death and Relaxation (Ordinary Magic Book 1)

by Devon Monk  

Exciting new urban fantasy series by national bestselling author, Devon Monk Monsters, gods, and mayhem… Police Chief Delaney Reed can handle the Valkyries, werewolves, gill-men and other paranormal creatures who call the small beach town of Ordinary, Oregon their home. It’s the vacationing gods who keep her up at night. With the famous rhubarb festival right around the corner, small-town … Read More

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Keep Me Safe: A Slow Burn Novel (Slow Burn Novels Book 1)

by Maya Banks  

A sizzling story of a woman who risks her life and her heart to find a wealthy man’s missing sister—the first novel in a sexy new romantic suspense series from #1 New York Times bestselling author Maya Banks When Caleb Devereaux's younger sister is kidnapped, this scion of a powerful and wealthy family turns to an unlikely source for help: … Read More

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The Eight

by Katherine Neville  

The “fascinating” #1 international bestseller of a quest across centuries by two intrepid women to reunite the pieces of a powerful, ancient chess set (Los Angeles Times Book Review).  A fabulous, bejeweled chess set that belonged to Charlemagne has been buried in a Pyrenees abbey for a thousand years. As the bloody French Revolution rages in Paris, the nuns dig … Read More

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Hot for Food Vegan Comfort Classics: 101 Recipes to Feed Your Face

by Lauren Toyota  

A fun and irreverent take on vegan comfort food that’s saucy, sweet, sassy, and most definitely deep-fried, from YouTube sensation Lauren Toyota of Hot for Food. In this bold collection of more than 100 recipes, the world of comfort food and vegan cooking collide as Lauren Toyota shares her favorite recipes and creative ways to make Philly cheesesteak, fried chicken, … Read More

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Across A Moonlit Sea (Pirate Wolf series Book 1)

by Marsha Canham  

A rip roaring high seas adventure set in Elizabethan England when dashing privateers known as sea hawks banded together to guard their country and their queen against the Invincible Armada being amassed by Spain. Simon Dante, the Pirate Wolf, meets his match in battle and in love when he crosses swords with Isabeau Spence. Together they join forces with Sir … Read More

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A Spy Among Friends: Kim Philby and the Great Betrayal

by Ben Macintyre  

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Master storyteller Ben Macintyre’s most ambitious work to date brings to life the twentieth century’s greatest spy story. Kim Philby was the greatest spy in history, a brilliant and charming man who rose to head Britain’s counterintelligence against the Soviet Union during the height of the Cold War—while he was secretly working for the enemy. And nobody thought he knew Philby … Read More

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The Absence of Mercy: A Novel

by John Burley  

John Burley’s The Absence of Mercy is a harrowing tale of suspense involving a brutal murder and dark secrets that lie beneath the surface of a placid, tight-knit Midwestern town. When a brutally murdered teenager is discovered in the woods surrounding a small Ohio town, Dr. Ben Stevenson—the town’s medical examiner—must decide if he’s willing to put his family’s life … Read More

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Homicide: A Year on the Killing Streets

by David Simon  

From the creator of HBO’s The Wire, the classic book about homicide investigation that became the basis for the hit television show The scene is Baltimore. Twice every three days another citizen is shot, stabbed, or bludgeoned to death. At the center of this hurricane of crime is the city’s homicide unit, a small brotherhood of hard men who fight … Read More

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The Grace of God

by Andy Stanley  

“Grace. It’s what we crave most when our guilt is exposed. It’s the very thing we are hesitant to extend when we are confronted with the guilt of others—especially when their guilt has robbed us of something we consider valuable. Therein is the struggle, the struggle for grace. It’s this struggle that makes grace more story than doctrine. It’s the … Read More

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Weapons of Math Destruction: How Big Data Increases Inequality and Threatens Democracy

by Cathy O'Neil  

Longlisted for the National Book AwardNew York Times Bestseller A former Wall Street quant sounds an alarm on the mathematical models that pervade modern life — and threaten to rip apart our social fabric We live in the age of the algorithm. Increasingly, the decisions that affect our lives—where we go to school, whether we get a car loan, how much … Read More

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Mom & Me & Mom

by Maya Angelou  

NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • A moving memoir about the legendary author’s relationship with her own mother. Emma Watson’s Our Shared Shelf Book Club Pick! The story of Maya Angelou’s extraordinary life has been chronicled in her multiple bestselling autobiographies. But now, at last, the legendary author shares the deepest personal story of her life: her relationship with her mother. For the first time, Angelou reveals … Read More

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Eleven Rings: The Soul of Success

by Phil Jackson  

The inside story of one of basketball’s most legendary and game-changing figures A New York Times bestseller During his storied career as head coach of the Chicago Bulls and Los Angeles Lakers, Phil Jackson won more championships than any coach in the history of professional sports. Even more important, he succeeded in never wavering from coaching his way, from a … Read More

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The Book of Joan: Tales of Mirth, Mischief, and Manipulation

by Melissa Rivers  

This New York Times bestseller is a hilarious and inspiring tribute to the iconic comedian Joan Rivers by the person who knew her best–her daughter, Melissa.   Joan and Melissa Rivers had one of the most celebrated mother-daughter relationships of all time.  If you think Joan said some outrageous things to her audiences as a comedian, you won’t believe what she said … Read More

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Dark of the Moon (A Virgil Flowers Novel, Book 1)

by John Sandford  

The first Virgil Flowers novel from #1 New York Times bestselling author John Sandford. “Virgil Flowers, introduced in bestseller Sandford’s Prey series, gets a chance to shine…The thrice-divorced, affable member of the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA), who reports to Prey series hero Lucas Davenport, operates pretty much on his own..”* He’s been doing the hard stuff for three … Read More

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