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Seven Unholy Days: A Thriller

by Jerry Hatchett  

CAN ONE MAN BRING ABOUT ARMAGEDDON? CAN ONE MAN STOP HIM? Tech celebrity Matt Decker is on top of the world. Then the computerized U.S. power grid that he designed suffers a cyber-attack that was supposed to be impossible. The United States is in chaos. People are dying. And the trouble is only beginning. Praise from international bestseller James Rollins: … Read More

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Savage (London Mob Book 1)

by Michelle St. James  

Farrell Black is dirty, dangerous, and holds nothing sacred. Growing up on the mean streets of London, he clawed his way to the top of a criminal empire with nothing but sheer force of will and the determination to need no one. Ever. Then he met Jenna Carver, and all bets were off — until the day she walked out … Read More

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A Beginner’s Guide to Living in an RV: Everything I Wish I Knew Before Full-Time RVing Across America

by Alyssa Padgett  

When my husband and I started full-time RVing, we knew nothing about RV living. We made it up as we traveled to all fifty states, constantly googling things like "how to RV" and "what is boondocking?" Meanwhile, we flooded the bathroom, took ice cold showers, and got stuck in the mud. Now, we’ve been full-timing for over three years and … Read More

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Not His Dragon: Shifter Romance (Not This Series Book 1)

by Annie Nicholas  

Eoin Grant hasn’t encountered a female of his race in decades, and this crazy person’s scent declares her unmated. Fate set her in his path, and he won’t let this opportunity slip through his claws. No matter how wary she is of him. After all, how many chances does a dragon have at finding love? But fate can be a … Read More

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The St. Paul Conspiracy: A compelling crime thriller (Mac McRyan Mystery Series Book)

by Roger Stelljes  

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“This book takes the reader on one wild ride, with the suspense not letting up until the very end. Mac is one part Lucas Davenport and one part Mitch Rapp – and it just does not get any better than that!” Amazon Review THE CRIME SERIES WITH OVER 2 MILLION DOWNLOADSNew York Times & USA Today Bestselling Mystery Series** Hot … Read More

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Family Secrets: A Whispering Pines Mystery

by Shawn McGuire  

Looking for a place you’ll fit in? Welcome to Whispering Pines, Wisconsin. A place for those who don’t belong. Sixteen years after a family feud drove her from the cozy Northwoods village of Whispering Pines, Wisconsin, former detective Jayne O’Shea returns to prepare her grandparents’ lake house for sale. Once there, not only does she find that the house has … Read More

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Mafia Princess

by Joy Deja King  

The story of a Goon and his Daughter Semaj Richardson was raised by the streets, and her ambition was to own them. Changing foreign whips as she hustles one major drug dealer after another is just a day in the life with her treacherous father as her #1 partner in crime. The devious duo’s schemes lead to murder plots and … Read More

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Hidden (Jacobs Family Series Book 1)

by Vannetta Chapman  

A Christian romantic suspense by bestselling author Vannetta Chapman Home is where our story begins … DANA JACOBS would rather forget the night of tragedy and violence that marred her childhood. She is now supervisor in charge of the Department of Homeland Security in Taos, New Mexico. Her team is prepared to handle any threat—biological, chemical, conventional, cyber, even nuclear. … Read More

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Days of Panic: A Post-Apocalyptic EMP Survival Thriller (EMP Survival Series Book 1)

by Jack Hunt  

When the power grid fails, what will you do to survive? After an EMP obliterates the nation's electrical grid on New Year's Eve, it's not long before society unravels and panic ensues. As the lights go out and silence spreads over the city that never sleeps, four ordinary strangers; a bike messenger, a homeless person, a support rep, and an … Read More

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The Glass Gargoyle (The Lost Ancients Book 1)

by Marie Andreas  

Archeologist Taryn St. Giles has spent her life mining the ruins of the elves who vanished from the Four Kingdoms a thousand years ago. But when her patrons begin disappearing too—and then turning up dead—she finds herself unemployed, restless, and desperate. So she goes looking for other missing things: as a bounty hunter. Tracking her first fugitive—the distractingly handsome and … Read More

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The Paleo Cookbook: 300 Delicious Paleo Diet Recipes

by Rockridge Press  

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An ancient diet for modern times—feast on the simple and hearty recipes in The Paleo Cookbook and never turn back. Feeling full and fulfilled when you’re on a diet may seem impossible, but it’s the only way to turn your diet into a healthy lifestyle. Naturally promoting superior health and weight control, The Paleo Cookbook serves up wholesome recipes from … Read More

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The Complete Grimm Chronicles (The Grimm Chronicles Box Set)

by Ken Brosky  

"Isabella Fontaine and Ken Brosky's incredible talent for storytelling takes the reader on an amazing action-packed ride fueled by endless creativity and limitless imagination. TGC is like a high-stakes version of … Alice in Wonderland."– Once upon a time, a pair of brothers used dark magic to bring their fairy tales to life. Now the characters of Grimm's Fairy … Read More

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KIDNAPPED COWBOY (Captured Hearts Series Book 1)

by Lindsey Brookes  

BOOK #1 IN THE CAPTURED HEARTS SERIES Kidnapped Cowboy – After countless attempts to speak with the owner of the retreat for troubled teens she runs on the outskirts of Lone Tree, Montana, Caitlin Myers resorts to kidnapping Brandon ‘The Ogre of Lone Tree’ Barnes in a desperate attempt to change his mind about turning Stoney Brook into a vacation … Read More

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Pretty Good Number One: An American Family Eats Tokyo

by Matthew Amster-Burton  

Everyone knows how to live the good life in Paris, Provence, or Tuscany. Now, Matthew Amster-Burton makes you fall in love with Tokyo. Experience this exciting and misunderstood city through the eyes of three Americans vacationing in a tiny Tokyo apartment. Follow 8-year-old Iris on a solo errand to the world’s greatest supermarket, picnic on the bullet train, and eat … Read More

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Special Agent Francesca (Undercover FBI Book 1)

by Mimi Barbour  

An introvert, Special Agent Francesca moves to Las Vegas to escape her powerful, domineering mother. On arrival, multiple obstacles challenge her. She needs to approach a father she’s never met, a man who doesn’t even know she exists. Then she must play the role of a loving fiancée with a stranger. One who makes her question every unexpected emotion he … Read More

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Kindle Bestseller Publishing: Write a Bestseller in 30 Days! (Beginner Internet Marketing Series Book 5)

by Gundi Gabrielle  

Write an Amazon Kindle Bestseller in the next 30 Days!Sound to good to be true? Well, with the right strategy and proper research before you start, it is absolutely possible, even if: – you are not a writer – have no marketing experience – don’t have a large following yet As a 9-time #1 Bestselling & Top 100 Business Author, … Read More

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Southern Peach Pie and A Dead Guy (Poppy Peters Mysteries Book 1)

by A. Gardner  

From USA Today bestselling author A. Gardner comes a deliciously dangerous new series… After an injury derails Poppy Peters’ ballet career, she gathers the courage to follow in her grandmother’s footsteps and attend Calle Pastry Academy in a small-town Georgia. Poppy has her work cut out for her not only fitting in with her charming (and not-so-charming ) Southern classmates … Read More

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Everybody Was So Young: Gerald and Sara Murphy: A Lost Generation Love Story

by Amanda Vaill  

New York Times Bestseller: “A marvelously readable biography” of the couple and their relationships with Picasso, Fitzgerald, and other icons of the era (The New York Times Book Review).   Wealthy Americans with homes in Paris and on the French Riviera, Gerald and Sara Murphy were at the very center of expatriate cultural and social life during the modernist ferment … Read More

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Trout Fishing in America, The Pill versus the Springhill Mine Disaster, and In Watermelon Sugar

by Richard Brautigan  

Collected in one volume, three counterculture classics that embody the spirit of the 1960s.   Included here are three great works by the incomparable Richard Brautigan:  Trout Fishing in America is by turns a hilarious, playful, and melancholy novel that wanders from San Francisco through the country’s rural waterways—a book “that has very little to do with trout fishing and … Read More

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The Wake of Forgiveness: A Novel

by Bruce Machart  

“A mesmerizing, mythic saga” of a Texas family damaged by a dark past, and a son driven by a need for redemption (The New York Times Book Review).   On a moonless Texas night in 1895, an ambitious young landowner suffers the loss of his wife—“the only woman he’s ever been fond of”—when she dies giving birth to their fourth … Read More

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For My Lady’s Heart (The Medieval Hearts Series Book 1)

by Laura Kinsale  

A princess sparks devotion in a chivalrous knight in this medieval romance by a New York Times–bestselling author who “creates magic” (Lisa Kleypas).   With Princess Melanthe di Monteverde widowed, a political marriage would tip the balance of power to any kingdom that possessed her. Determined to return to England alive and unwed, she hides behind a mask of witchery. … Read More

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An Unwilling Bride (The Company of Rogues Series, Book 2)

by Jo Beverley  

The Duchess of Belcraven committed a folly, and bore her husband another man’s child. But Lucien was a third son, so all was patched over. Then the two older boys drowned, leaving disaster. Now, over twenty years later, the duke learns he has a legitimate daughter—Beth Armitage, a child of his blood—and he compels Lucien and Beth to marry. Lucien, … Read More

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What the Robin Knows: How Birds Reveal the Secrets of the Natural World

by Jon Young  

A guide to listening to songbirds—the key to observing nature in a whole new way. Includes audio of bird vocalizations!   A lifelong birder, tracker, and naturalist, Jon Young is guided in his work and teaching by three basic premises: the robin, junco, and other songbirds know everything important about their environment, be it backyard or forest; by tuning in … Read More

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Still Wifey Material

by Kiki Swinson  

Kira is back and needs to make up for lost time. After deciding to leave the Witness Protection Program she gets disturbing news that Quincy an old flame, Rhonda her business partner, Sunshine an old rival, and her grandmother were all murdered. Kira wants a new beginning so she moves to Houston, Texas with her cousin, Nikki in search of … Read More

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Z: A Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald

by Therese Anne Fowler  

THE INSPIRATION FOR THE TELEVISION DRAMA Z: THE BEGINNING OF EVERYTHING I wish I could tell everyone who thinks we’re ruined, Look closer…and you’ll see something extraordinary, mystifying, something real and true. We have never been what we seemed. When beautiful, reckless Southern belle Zelda Sayre meets F. Scott Fitzgerald at a country club dance in 1918, she is seventeen … Read More

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Real Food/Fake Food: Why You Don’t Know What You’re Eating and What You Can Do About It

by Larry Olmsted  

“Olmsted makes you insanely hungry and steaming mad–a must-read for anyone who cares deeply about the safety of our food and the welfare of our planet.” —Steven Raichlen, author of the Barbecue! Bible series“The world is full of delicious, lovingly crafted foods that embody the terrain, weather, and culture of their origins. Unfortunately, it’s also full of brazen impostors. In … Read More

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What Unites Us: Reflections on Patriotism

by Dan Rather  

AN INSTANT NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER “I find myself thinking deeply about what it means to love America, as I surely do.” —Dan Rather At a moment of crisis over our national identity, venerated journalist Dan Rather has emerged as a voice of reason and integrity, reflecting on—and writing passionately about—what it means to be an American. Now, with this … Read More

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Theft by Finding: Diaries (1977-2002)

by David Sedaris  

One of the most anticipated books of 2017: Boston Globe, New York Times Book Review, New York’s "Vulture", The Week, Bustle, BookRiotAn NPR Best Book of 2017An AV Club Favorite Book of 2017A Barnes & Noble Best Book of 2017A Goodreads Choice Awards nominee David Sedaris tells all in a book that is, literally, a lifetime in the making. For … Read More

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