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The White Tiger: A Novel

by Aravind Adiga  

A stunning literary debut critics have likened to Richard Wright’s Native Son, The White Tiger follows a darkly comic Bangalore driver through the poverty and corruption of modern India’s caste society. “This is the authentic voice of the Third World, like you’ve never heard it before” (John Burdett, Bangkok 8).The white tiger of this novel is Balram Halwai, a poor … Read More

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Blood to Dust

by L.J. Shen  

"Bonnie and Clyde meets Kill Bill." – Jenna, Goodreads His name is Beat, and I should hate him. Bound, blindfolded and bruised, I’m tied in his basement, waiting for the men who stripped me from clothes and humanity to collect his debt to them. Me. His name is Nate and I should hate him, but I don’t. I’m not supposed … Read More

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Twisted (Dark Book 1)

by Ashton Blackthorne  

A Dark Alpha Male Romance Ash I’m a bad boy in a good suit.I’ve lived a sexy and fascinating life.I’ve been called a heartbreaker by many women.Now with my own heart broken, shattered, I have no one to turn to. Or do I? My sexy secretary, Amber was always at my side. She was more than just my secretary, she … Read More

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Breakaway: Clan of the Ice Mountains

by C.S. Bills  

Book Four of the series is now available! Begin your epic journey with Attu and his Clan in this first book of The Clan of the Ice Mountain series. Then follow up with Blooded Ground, Broken Rock Bay, and the fourth and final installment, Beyond Belief."A truly satisfying read from beginning to end." Amazon reviewer When Attu begins dreaming of ice mounds … Read More

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Missing Kylie: A Father’s Search for Meaning in Tragedy

by Mark Myers  

None of us like to hear the word no – especially as an answer to prayer. So how does a father reconcile a lifelong faith in God when confronted with the word no regarding something as critical as the healing of his youngest child? This book is a two year journey through that wilderness of no. It contains few answers … Read More

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Finding Kennedy (The Prototype Book 2)

by Jacinta Howard  

*This book focuses on a new couple and can be read as a standalone. When Kennedy James unexpectedly shows up at her grandma’s house in Tyler, Texas, no one knows what to make of her arrival—including her. The only thing Kennedy does know is that something in her life has to change, and it needs to happen right now. She’s … Read More

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30 Days – Change your habits, Change your life: A couple of simple steps every day to create the life you want

by Marc Reklau  

Have you ever asked yourself why some people seem to get everything easily and others don’t? Do you feel like a victim of your circumstances? Are you tired of waiting for your life to change? Find out how to take control and full responsibility of your life, and how a couple of small steps every day can change everything. In … Read More

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Shameless Kiss: A Billionaire Possession Novel

by Amelia Wilde  

I don’t take no for an answer. Women are the world’s most intoxicating prize, and I always win. Money? Check. Charm? Check. Looks? Double check. It’s a winning combination, and I never settle. I can’t even remember the last time any woman—in New York, Paris, Rome, it doesn’t matter—looked me in the eye and turned me down. Until Juliet James. … Read More

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The Frontiers Saga: Episodes 1-3

by Ryk Brown  

EPISODE 1: "AURORA: CV-01" A world recovering from a devastating plague… A brutal enemy threatening invasion…A young man seeking to escape the shadow of his father…A ship manned by a crew of fresh academy graduates…A top-secret experimental propulsion system…A questionable alliance with a mysterious green-eyed woman… What destiny has in store for the crew of the UES Aurora, is far … Read More

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Louisiana Hotshot: A Humorous New Orleans Murder Mystery; Talba Wallis #1 (The Talba Wallis PI Series)

by Julie Smith  

"Can’t wait for the next Evanovich? Louisiana Hotshot’s Stephanie Plum with Tabasco, dawlin’.” -The Clarion LedgerThe FIRST book in the Talba Wallis series by Edgar-Award winning author Julie Smith WANTED: HOTSHOT P.I. WITH NEAR SUPER-HUMAN SKILLS. Confirmed grump Eddie Valentino placed the ad. Hotshot twenty-something Talba Wallis knew exactly how to answer it. And thus was born the dynamic duo … Read More

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The Blue Fairy Book

by Andrew Lang  

The book assembled a wide range of tales, with seven from the Brothers Grimm, five from Madame d'Aulnoy, three from the Arabian Nights, and four Norwegian fairytales, among other sources. The Blue Fairy Book was the first volume in the series, and so it contains some of the best known tales, taken from a variety of sources.

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The Wave at Hanging Rock: A Psychological Mystery and Suspense Thriller

by Gregg Dunnett  

What if your best friend was a psychopath… And you didn’t notice? A psychological thriller with soul. Expat teenager Jesse forms a tight friendship with charismatic local surfer John, but as their bond grows, a darker side to John emerges. Will Jesse notice before it’s too late? Newly qualified psychologist Natalie’s life falls apart when her husband Jim is lost … Read More

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Fast Times in Palestine

by Pamela Olson  

Pamela Olson, a small town girl from eastern Oklahoma, had what she always wanted: a physics degree from Stanford University. But instead of feeling excited for what came next, she felt consumed by dread and confusion. This irresistible memoir chronicles her journey from aimless ex-bartender to Ramallah-based journalist and foreign press coordinator for a Palestinian presidential candidate. With dizzying speed … Read More

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Playing Dirty (Ballers Book 1)

by Mickey Miller  

I’m going to teach Andrea to play dirty…she just doesn’t know it yet. JakePulling in eight figures a year as star pitcher for the Chicago Jaguars, there’s no shortage of parties, booze, and women. I’m a beast on the mound and between the sheets but when my social media presence becomes a major problem, the team’s owner brings in a … Read More

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Surrender To The Cyborgs (Interstellar Brides: The Colony Book 1)

by Grace Goodwin  

Wrongly imprisoned whistle-blower Rachel Pierce would rather take her chances with her court appeal than accept her place as the first Interstellar Bride destined for the Colony. She’s stubborn and determined to seek justice—and her freedom—on Earth…but her mates are not willing to risk her life or her future on a system they believe to be both primitive and corrupt. … Read More

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Finding Me

by Brooklyn Taylor  

Even more books of the author on sale today!

Elise Riley is the average girl that has never been treated like she was worthy, always second best even by her own mother. She becomes a victim of a crime committed by one of her closest friends and is shipped off to Humble, Texas to live with her aunt and uncle on the family farm. She swears that she will … Read More

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POD (The Pattern Universe Book 2)

by Tobias Roote  

Following on from The Pattern Ship, ‘POD’ the second book in the series, sees the newly sentient escape pod, accidentally enhanced by Zeke’s transformed Alacite, continue to develop as an individual. Despite Zirkos and Ship remaining missing, the tiny AI continues to try and follow their instructions to assist the humans develop their technology. As the power struggle between Fortress … Read More

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Dominate Me (Luminous)

by Stacey Lynn  

Welcome to Luminous: where your pleasure is our purpose. Fan-favorite author Stacey Lynn tantalizes readers with a sensual new series.  Haley The first time I felt Master Jensen’s presence beside me, I knew he would be the one to show me all the kinky pleasures of Luminous. That I would give my body to him. Begin my journey to sexual freedom at … Read More

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Crooked Tree Ranch (Montana Series Book 1)

by RJ Scott  

When a cowboy, meets the guy from the city, he can’t know how much things will change. On the spur of the moment, with his life collapsing around him, Jay Sullivan answers an ad for a business manager with an expertise in marketing, on a dude ranch in Montana. With his sister, Ashley, niece, Kirsten and nephew, Josh, in tow, … Read More

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His Immortal Kiss (Skeleton Key)

by Liliana Rhodes  

Skeleton Key Book Series One Skeleton Key. Endless Adventures. Left with only debt and a mysterious skeleton key after her mother passes away, Lilac Martin jumps at the chance to move into Chateau du Soleil and restore it to its former beauty. It seems like the perfect job until she meets the reclusive owner Julien Lambert. Lilac keeps her … Read More

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The Cosy Teashop in the Castle: The bestselling feel-good rom com of the year

by Caroline Roberts  

‘Cakes, castles and oodles of charm: this book is huge fun and pure escapism’ Cathy Bramley Can Ellie bake her way to a happy ever after? A deliciously heartwarming novel for fans of Lucy Diamond and Milly Johnson. When Ellie Hall lands her dream job running the little teashop in the beautiful but crumbling Claverham Castle, it’s the perfect escape … Read More

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by Eve Vaughn  

A beautiful bride…. Skylar Brown is set to marry the man of her dreams. He’s everything she’s ever hoped for in a man: smart, intelligent, sexy and madly in love with her. Or so she thought. When she meets her groom at the altar, she’s in for a surprise. The groom said no… Ashley Hollingsworth thought Skylar was the one … Read More

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The Shroud Key (A Chase Baker Thriller Series Book 1)

by Vincent Zandri  

Named one of SUSPENSE MAGAZINE’S Best Books of 2014! WINNER: BEST "POTBOILER" NOVEL for 2013 by CrimeFictionBook Blog THE NO.1 AMAZON BESTSELLER IN "SUPERNATURAL" THE NO. 1 AMAZON BESTSELLER IN "OCCULT” THE NO. 1 AMAZON BESTSELLER IN "INTERNATIONAL CRIME AND MYSTERY" Chase Baker is a true Renaissance Man. He’s also a man who knows how to find trouble. A part-time … Read More

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Marcelo in the Real World

by Francisco Stork  

Imagine CURIOUS INCIDENT OF THE DOG . . . with a romance, and you have the beginnings of this story of a young man struggling with the world outside his head–and the woman who gets inside it. Marcelo Sandoval hears music no one else can hear–part of the autism-like impairment no doctor has been able to identify–and he’s always attended … Read More

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Fellowship of Fear (The Gideon Oliver Mysteries Book 1)

by Aaron Elkins  

When anthropology professor Gideon Oliver is offered a teaching fellowship at US military bases in Germany, Sicily, Spain, and Holland, he wastes no time accepting. Stimulating courses to teach, a decent stipend, all expenses paid, plenty of interesting European travel . . . What’s not to like?It does not take him long to find out. On his first night, he … Read More

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GUINEVERE: A Medieval Romance

by Lavinia Collins  

"Guinevere takes no prisoners. Lavinia Collins gives us a fierce and feisty Guinevere who can challenge any of the knights of the Round Table in love, in war, and in her adventurous spirit." Kenneth Abel All three books of the stunning Arthurian romance The Guinevere Trilogy available as a single volume at a superb price Never before has the mysterious … Read More

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The Princess Diarist

by Carrie Fisher  

The Princess Diarist is Carrie Fisher’s intimate, hilarious and revealing recollection of what happened behind the scenes on one of the most famous film sets of all time, the first Star Wars movie.   *PEOPLE Magazine Best Book of Fall 2016  *New York Times Bestseller * Star Wars VIII: The Last Jedi, featuring Carrie Fisher, is scheduled for release on December 15, … Read More

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